blueMSX 2.7

por dvik em 13-05-2007, 16:12
Tópico: Emulation

A new version of blueMSX has been released today. Main new features are emulation of several SCSI devices (MEGA-SCSI, WAVE-SCSI, MSX Club Gouda SCSI -NOVAXIS- and SCSI CD Audio/CD-ROM) and complete support for the Yamaha CX5M, CX5M-128 and CX7M-128 computers, as MIDI support has been added to the existing emulation of the YM2151 sound chip and the YK-01, YK-10 and YK-20 music keyboards. Furthermore, a new version of the trainer has been implemented, which offers improved search capabilities and a new .mcf file format. The complete changelog is as follows:

  • Added support for keyboard input in the Philips Music Module (MSX-Audio)
  • Added support for MIDI input and output in the Philips Music Module (MSX-Audio)
  • Added support for ESE-SCC, ESE-RAM and Mega Flash ROM SCC cartridges
  • Added 'remove all harddisks'-feature
  • Added support for sprite mirroring (screen 2) in MSX1 machines
  • Added pixel accuracy in screen 0
  • Added Home hotkey in debugger to go to current command
  • Added new values in the cpu register window of the debugger
  • Added ability to use registers in the 'Go to' feature and the memory viewer of the debugger
  • When CPU is stopped by a breakpoint, the sound buffer is cleared
  • Fixed z80 timing bugs
  • Fixed z80 instruction bugs
  • Fixed bug in Cas and Disk leds
  • VRAM pointer updated correctly in MSX1 machines
  • 5th Sprite status bits updated correctly
  • Fixed bug with collision detection for transparent sprites
  • Screen 0 masking handled correctly
  • Fixed digitize enable bit (ignoring it) in screen 0-4
  • Fixed scroll bug in screen 4
  • TC8566AF format bug fixed: filler byte was not used
  • Fixed a bug in the Panasonic FDC that caused some MSX2+ machines to fail
  • Fixed aliasing in SCC filter
  • Improved Moonsound emulation
  • Fixed bug in mirrored mapper
  • Re-added support for old command line rom types

Relevant link: blueMSX website

Comentários (12)

Por Unicorn

Master (138)

imagem de Unicorn

13-05-2007, 16:46

Hurray! Gonna check it out! LOL!

Por Prodatron

Paragon (1843)

imagem de Prodatron

13-05-2007, 20:33

Very cool, this enhanced SCSI support are fantastic news! Smile

Por dvik

Prophet (2200)

imagem de dvik

13-05-2007, 21:13

There are two different SCSI controllers, the WD33C93 (Novaxis) and MB89352 (Mega SCSI).

Anyone know how common these are i real life? I suppose the Novaxis is more common in Europe and the Mega SCSI more common in Japan, or?

Por Ivan

Ascended (9357)

imagem de Ivan

13-05-2007, 21:57

Yes, Novaxis is common in The Netherlands/Europe while Ese's MegaSCSI is popular in Japan.

Por SaebaMSX

Hero (533)

imagem de SaebaMSX

14-05-2007, 14:48

At least in Spain MegaSCSI was very popular. You can find many users here with it. Most of them don't normally buy other interfaces since they have everything with it (hopefully OCM will add the MegaSCSI features as well as MMC/SD Reader or MegaSD with SD cards which is really cool).

Por Ivan

Ascended (9357)

imagem de Ivan

14-05-2007, 20:28

Some Spanish users own MegaSCSI interfaces, but I think that the most extended HDD interfaces are probably the IDE cartridges from Sunrise. A MegaSCSI is very, very expensive. Few people in Spain own MSX Club Gouda or BERT SCSI interfaces, the MegaSCSI is more popular here.

Por iamweasel2

Paladin (713)

imagem de iamweasel2

15-05-2007, 00:29

Great news! Would it be too much trouble adding (in the future) CD audio support to the IDE emulation as well? Can't wait to see (and hear) Knightmare Gold working in a MSX emulator. Big smile

Por spl

Paragon (1470)

imagem de spl

15-05-2007, 01:02

Ivan, I have a Padial interface, which is like the BERT interface Big smile

And yes, great improvement on emulation!

Por tfh

Prophet (3346)

imagem de tfh

15-05-2007, 08:27

OK, I vote for locking Snout up in a room with all MSX Emulators, a PC, some testing software, etc... This way we should have a new Emulator Comparisation in a few weeks.
If he works hard, we will feed him now and then Wink

Por meits

Scribe (6544)

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18-05-2007, 02:14

Maybe an ignorant question, but how am I supposed to connect a philips keyboard to a pc?

Por dvik

Prophet (2200)

imagem de dvik

18-05-2007, 02:59

You can't connect a philips keyboard to the PC, but you can use a MIDI keyboard and emulate the philips keyboard. If you have a midi keyboard you can go to Properties->Sound and select the midi keyboard in the YK-01/YK-10 dropdown. This selection is used for all input devices that work like the philips keyboard or the yamaha keyboards.

Por meits

Scribe (6544)

imagem de meits

19-05-2007, 03:39

ah Smile thanks...