Telenet Japan out of business

por snout em 01-11-2007, 17:49
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Tokei news reported that, after 24 years of releasing great games such as Androgynus, Valis (Fantasm Soldier), Sa-Zi-Ri and XZR the Japanese game publisher Telenet Japan have discontinued their activities. Last year the company already made some of their fans frown with the announcement of the adult game Valis X, an erotic game based on the successful Valis platform game series.

Relevant link: Telenet Japan out of business - Press release (Japanese)

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Por Unicorn

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01-11-2007, 19:08

Yep, that's what they get for their 'Valis 20th anniversary' insult in 2006!

Por JohnHassink

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02-11-2007, 00:07



...If they would have went bankrupt just one year from now, they'd at least have stopped at their 25th anniversary.
Ofcourse anything like a "choice" usually isn't involved in going out of business.

I wonder what happens to the "legal rights/intellectual property" of all their stuff...

With Telenet, "Wolf Team" ultimately disappears as well... (already absorbed by Namco anyway)

IMHO at the time of their early '90's Sega 16 bit work, the overall quality of their productions already lacked a lot of that particular characteristics (personally, too much to sum up) which made them so "special".
Compile's original quality, for instance withstanded this and other 'system transitions' way better; as long as it lasted anyway.

On top of that they fell to "exploiting" the Fantasm Soldier... Didn't even know about the erotic game BTW.
I must admit I sort of gave up on them already, but always hoped they'd get brilliant again.

Remember what happened to Yogi Bear when Hanna Barbera sold the concept? Smile

Well... farewell, Japan Telenet. Sayonara, You-On-A-Gin. Goodbye, bunch of crazy geniuses!

It'll always remain my favourite MSX developing team.


Excuse me for getting emotional. *sniff*

So... Now the game is on to collect all remaining Telenet originals, isn't it? Tongue

Por SLotman

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03-11-2007, 18:38

Too bad... I just loved "Valis 2" back in the days... Sad

Por wolf_

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03-11-2007, 19:01

I wonder what happens to the "legal rights/intellectual property" of all their stuff...
That's prolly in the hands of the original artists/conceptmakers, e.g. the employees.

Por Vincent van Dam

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03-11-2007, 21:16

Probably not. In the Netherlands (and I assume the same will go in Japan), in the case of a bankruptcy, a curator will sell all assets of the company to pay as much open bills as possible. Intellectual property and copyrights are one of these assets.

Por JohnHassink

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04-11-2007, 22:58

@ Vincent van Dam: Is it (legally Smile) possible to find out to whom/what company particular assets have been sold?

Too bad... I just loved "Valis 2" back in the days...
But we can play that game for ever and ever anyway! Big smile

I played quite some Valis games, but for me MSX Valis 2 remains absolutely the best.

Someone here play mobile phone versions?

Por snout

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04-11-2007, 23:38

Afaik the assets of Telenet Japan are still to be sold/auctioned.

Por Vincent van Dam

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05-11-2007, 09:52

@DemonSeed: Don't know actually, I think once sold, it is up to the buyer to make it public or not. Not sure if a public publication is made available which specifies what has been sold to whom.

Por RobertVroemisse

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05-11-2007, 15:20

Let's get some money together and buy the rights of Andorogynus and the Valis series! Who's with me? LOL!

Por JohnHassink

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05-11-2007, 19:29

You know I am!

We have to prevent the Telenet legacy from falling into the wrong hands!

I doubt if I'm mentally capable to be confronted within a year of two with "Andorogynus 2" in some ugly 3D raster and pumping house music accompanying it. Smile

Also, I totally want the rights of the XZR I & II soundtracks! Hehehe.

Por LeandroCorreia

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14-11-2007, 19:45

Telenet goes bankrupt? That explains why did they allow Valis X. They were really in desperate need of money. Tongue

I´ve heard a lot about "art prostitution", but that was really low! Wink