Thexder Neo TGS Trailer

por hap em 23-09-2009, 19:27
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A while ago, new MRC member maikuma let us know on the forum that a new Thexder game is expected to be released later this year for Sony's PSP and PS3. Thexder, released by Game Arts for several Japanese homecomputers (including MSX of course) and ported to other systems overseas by Sierra, is to be remade by Square Enix.

Square Enix are mostly known for their successful RPG series, notably Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, but have some experience with shooting games too, like Einhänder. MSX Thexder fans owning one of the aforementioned Sony consoles will rejoice.

Relevant link: YouTube video

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Por Nautilus

Expert (76)

imagem de Nautilus

23-09-2009, 20:30

Nice graphics, but it's one more "same old sh*t" game.
I love Thexder 2, I hope they keep the amazing cut scenes on Neo version.

Ah, Golvellius is back on iPhone:

Por SaveR

Rookie (27)

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23-09-2009, 22:34

I can't wait to listen to its game music!


Enlighted (6914)

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24-09-2009, 08:45

we did almost the same 3d effect for backgrounds in screen2
run on msx1 the files in dirasdisk

the next versions will have 3d walls like these