Yamaha CX5M Music Computer

Por doba

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01-11-2002, 22:31

I'm a happy new owner of this beauty: cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2063912249Who else use CX5Ms? Mail me!

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Por paulsoulsby

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31-12-2002, 17:27

Hi! I've just got one too. Mines similar apart from I've not got a printer or disk drive and have only got the smaller keyboard.

I'm currently trying to find tracker software for it, because I want to use it for programming backing tracks for live use and can't face the idea of using the staff view of the composer ROM. Apparently there are lots for the MSX2 version (called the CX7M/128 I think), but I've only got the CX5m like you. Please please let me know if you find any software for yours.

Also, your e-buyer page said you had 2 disk drives? Was this a mistake? If you have an extra one that you don't need, I'd gladly buy it off of you.