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Por LeandroCorreia

Paladin (963)

imagem de LeandroCorreia

26-08-2004, 06:06

Hello people!

Anyone in there now to play this game?

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Por ro

Scribe (5061)

imagem de ro

26-08-2004, 09:37

not atm

Por LeandroCorreia

Paladin (963)

imagem de LeandroCorreia

26-08-2004, 14:41

Sorry, I meant:

Anyone in here KNOWS how to play this game? I'm sick of wandering in it without doing anything.

Por flyguille

Prophet (3031)

imagem de flyguille

26-08-2004, 15:51

O.o letme guest, STRANGE LOOP is the game-name?

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

imagem de anonymous

26-08-2004, 18:13

Sounds like the title corresponds with the gameplay perfectly Wink

Unfortunately I don't know this game :\

It's a ROM by Nippon Dexter in 1987...

Por thinlizzy

Champion (259)

imagem de thinlizzy

27-08-2004, 20:33

it is a strange game, indeed. resembles the ZX Spectrum games from the good ages Smile

i'd want know how to play it, too. does anyone have the game manual?

Por LeandroCorreia

Paladin (963)

imagem de LeandroCorreia

19-05-2005, 22:42

Unearthing this topic...

Strange Loop is originally a ZX Spectrum game by Virgin Games. Probably converted to MSX by Nippon Dexter.

What I discovered so far...

Press Space to shoot. Press arrows to move. You can shoot diagonally or horizontally. You may find a floating scooter to make your life easy. When you die, you can respawn anywhere on the screen at your own will. Kill all boss girls. You'll get their weapons.

There are objetcs scattered around. I am currently trying to discover their functions:

GRAPH key - Select item to be used.

Scooter - Deactivates your scooter. You'll proceed on foot.
Joy Circuit - Can be used in a green robot. It will give you a BVPA card (?)

Yes, I am determined to win this game. I just do not know why. :)

P.S.: If you do not know the game, send an e-mail to leandro "at" leandrocorreia "dot" com. I can send you... uhhh... more information.

P.P.S.: If you have its manual, send it to me. :)

Por MäSäXi

Paragon (1884)

imagem de MäSäXi

20-05-2005, 14:55

I always have thought that Strangeloop is originally from States. So speccy was not the original version. Or then I have always been wrong. Smile

Por LeandroCorreia

Paladin (963)

imagem de LeandroCorreia

20-05-2005, 14:58

I guess it also exists for the C64...

Por gryffoon

Supporter (12)

imagem de gryffoon

27-05-2019, 08:33

Hi I'm playing this game, and I need help I'm near from the end.

My email: gryffoon (at-) hotmail (d0t) com

Por hashem

Expert (65)

imagem de hashem

27-05-2019, 11:43

i finished the game

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