MSX Related Places in Japan

Por fabricegueant

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15-08-2005, 23:20


For my job, I have to go to Japan at the end of August ... I have wanted this since my first MSX ... 20 years ago.

So I need your help to prepare my trip, I would like to know MSX related places interesting to see.

Thanks for your help.


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Por Sonic_aka_T

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15-08-2005, 23:26

Check the photoshoots section... I think there's a couple of places snout went to for MSX soft/hardware etc...

Por snout

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15-08-2005, 23:27

Congratulations, fabrice! You're in for the trip of your lifetime Wink. However, when it comes to MSX, don't expect too much of it anymore. Surely, you'll spot MSX Magazines in many bookstores around, but for MSX hardware and games... there are only a few places left where those can be found 'in the wild'. I assume you'll be going to Akihabara. At the time I went to Tokyo in June, Sofmap were just closing down their MSX section, leaving us with 'only' two places where you can obtain MSX goodies: Trader2 and Superpotato. The latter is particularly easy to spot, as there's PSG tunes coming out of the speakers in front of the shop all day long. And the're opened in the evening as well. If I'm not mistaken, Trader2 is on your left hand side if you walk straight out of Superpotato... Still, you will find them for sure. Akihabara is not -that- big Wink


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16-08-2005, 00:08

akihabara is tokyo allright? the electronic's part of the city of tokyo right Smile

Por Sama

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16-08-2005, 03:52

You may also be interested in this article.

Por Sama

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16-08-2005, 03:54

@Poisonic: Akihabara is a section of Tokyo indeed. Although it has become famous in foreign countries for its electronic shops, many of the nicer shops have disappeared and made place for anime and erotic stuff. As snout wrote and as can be read in the article I referred to in my previous post, MSX software can still be found, but if you don't know where to look, it will be hard.

Por fabricegueant

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17-08-2005, 20:53

Thank you for your help, I will tell you what I would be able to find when I will be back.

Por idrougge

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16-09-2005, 02:00

Is Maxload still in business in Akihabara? They had quite a lot of MSX stuff when I was there.

Por Sama

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16-09-2005, 08:12

Originally there were two stores. One of them closed (the one in the main street).