Tenliner Challenge - #1 Retromania

Tenliner Challenge - #1 Retromania

por Jorito em 14-10-2012, 14:01
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Five days after we announced the MRC Tenliner Challenge, we have our first entry! The honor goes to our Brazilian MSX fan PlainSpooky with his game Retromania.

He submitted a Space Invaders clone inspired by the Atari 2600 game Megamania and the goal is to catch all classic computers with your laser before they hit you! The game runs on an MSX1 computer with at least a diskdrive. It also nicely demonstrates the extras you gain by using a media file in the challenge.

You still have until December 17th to submit your own entry and have a go at the prizes and eternal fame. So what's keeping you?

Relevant link: Retromania

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  • Tenliner Challenge - #1 Retromania
  • Tenliner Challenge - #1 Retromania

Comentários (9)

Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (10092)

imagem de wolf_

14-10-2012, 14:35

Heh, here the "can include one mediafile" aspect of this challenge really shines. Exactly what my original intentions were: "you could as well make it look great by allowing one mediafile". If all entries are going to be like this, we'll have a great new pack o' games, tools, anything.

Por pitpan

Prophet (3155)

imagem de pitpan

14-10-2012, 21:30

Nice game indeed, although difficult as hell!

Por fukenko

Champion (357)

imagem de fukenko

15-10-2012, 01:23

Graphics are very good,especially,logo of retro platforms! but this game is difficult... Crying

Por kanima

Master (194)

imagem de kanima

15-10-2012, 02:02

I thought it was very difficult at first as well, but then I discovered you don't have to shoot all the invaders. You only die if an invader touches you, but not if an invader reaches the ground...

Por Huey

Prophet (2694)

imagem de Huey

15-10-2012, 09:03

Impressive looking. Hope to find some time to play with it today.

Por Hydlide

Master (171)

imagem de Hydlide

16-10-2012, 22:44

It would be nice if entries would have a short youtube clip showing gameplay etc.. just an idea.
looks great though!

Por Paulbrk

Hero (611)

imagem de Paulbrk

17-10-2012, 00:20

The picture remains me that MENACE game we make in 2009 for MSXDEV. Great graphics and the logos are fantastic. Please people, continue developing for MSX in that way Smile

Por snout

Ascended (15187)

imagem de snout

17-10-2012, 22:14

Great graphics! But why do you make me shoot MSX logo's??? ^_^

Por PlainSpooky

Resident (53)

imagem de PlainSpooky

18-10-2012, 23:46

Try to replace"xyz" by "uvw" on line 110 :-)