And still the number of entries to the Game Music Cover Challenge is increasing. MRC webmeister Jorito just sent in his third entry. It's not the first time this tune got covered. Most of the renditions can be found on Youtube and have the Castlevania twist to it which differs just a tad of our MSX's version Vampire Killer. Expect the unexpected for Jorito's Vampire Killer classic is as fresh as it gets.

While finishing his Runemaster 3 entry he already played with the idea of creating a dance version of a popular game tune and this Vampire Killer tune had all the elements to fit this idea.

At the end this EDM monster of more than fifty tracks (or as we used to call them: channels) of complextro influences consumed quite some time of making.

The tool used to complete this musical highlight of the day was Logic Pro from which he took the percussion as well. The rest of the instruments were taken from Spectrasonic's Omnisphere and U-he Zebra. The bass lines came from Trilian and NI Massive. As you can see, the instrument library of just the composer tool isn't enough anymore.

Relevant link: Vampire Killer - Number of the Beats by Jorito

PS: Here's a relevant link to the WIP for those who are curious how things went through the time line of creation.

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24-02-2014, 22:04

I like! Smile

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24-02-2014, 23:08

Second that!

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My favorite so far.


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Very much, like+

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Thumbs up! Good job! I hope my neighbours love it too Wink

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25-02-2014, 22:56

Great ! Jorito (my) winner.