Beer IDE - BIOS 1.9RC1 Source Code Wanted!

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Por MSXPro

Resident (48)

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04-08-2014, 00:17

I'm looking for source code for Beer IDE Bios 1.9RC1. Source of 1.8 is easy to find, but i can't found any information of 1.9RC1.

I could disassemble the ROM file, but the source exist, for having this work? : D Anyone have it? Question

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Por Prodatron

Paragon (1827)

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06-09-2014, 17:16

Any success here? I wonder what changed compared to the 1.8?

Por Halfaxle

Resident (52)

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09-09-2014, 21:41

Sad to inform you that the author (msxegor) passed away a short time ago. Thus i doubt the source will emerge if it's not on the net already.

Here is a kind of little epitaph thread:

Por Manuel

Ascended (19219)

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09-09-2014, 21:49

OMG, I hadn't heard about that at all Sad What a very sad news Sad Rest in peace!

You did great stuff SOLiD!

(And you got everyone in a Z380 hype 16 (or so) years ago!)

Does someone know what happened to him?

Por Fabf

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11-09-2014, 20:15

Thanks to you for my first electronic experiment.

Por Prodatron

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11-09-2014, 20:50

I am so sorry! Sad Rest in peace, Egor!

Por maxis

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14-09-2014, 00:16

These are the terrible news... A complete shock... All happened so fast... Horrible loss... Rest in peace, Egor!

Unfortunately, there are too few public places were SoliD projects are stored/archived. Maybe it would be possible to find bits and pieces of his sources and put them all together?
In the past he was an active member of Novatec group (also the Novatec site creator). Mikhail Volkov (great MSX enthusiast and protagonist) is kindly hosting the old Novatec web pages -> here.

There you will find some of Egor's projects....

Por max_iwamoto

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14-09-2014, 06:06

Here is the link to Russian ZX-Spectrum website where you can find a list and a set of links to his projects:

Por VektorMDQ

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08-09-2021, 01:35

And here is the link to Russian forum who someone called PVV wrote:


I disassembled the code of version 1.9, and brought it to a readable form using the source of version 1.8, I think the heirs of the author will not mind this, and began to understand how FAT16 works. There are incomprehensible moments in which I do not understand why it was done this way, are there any objective reasons for that, or simply the author did not have time to finish it Sad...

MSX on Proteus
Also there is a ROM version that actually works with SD (on Proteus). I did not read the entire thread, but they wanted to build a Beer SD.

Por sdsnatcher73

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08-09-2021, 08:12

A Beer SD or even a beer CF version would be very nice to have.

Por gdx

Enlighted (5996)

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08-09-2021, 09:27

And a Beer that supports DOS2/Nextor would be even better.

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