Extra copies of MSX User English Language Magazine

Por jonesypeter

Expert (74)

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02-03-2015, 20:31


A few more copies of MSX User for your delectation.

This is April 1995..


Contents Page:

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Por Manuel

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04-03-2015, 20:46

Is everywhere where you put 1995 supposed to be 1985? Looking forward to complete PDF's....

Por jonesypeter

Expert (74)

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04-03-2015, 21:06

Yes, 1985. It must have been a long day When I typed the post.

I'm still hoping for UK resources missing magazines and books in the English to be shared for my retroresource.co.uk/msx site. Happy to pay all postage and I will scan. Thanks

PS. Im typing this on my phone in Pizza Express so apologies for typos.

Por valkyre

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04-03-2015, 21:14

Nice work peter.