Once the new model of MSX comes out...

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Por madscient

Master (193)

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20-01-2016, 02:32

What feature is expected or unexpected?

It might be interesting to compare the differences between Japanese users and foreign users.



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Por mars2000you

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21-01-2016, 01:09

That's very interesting to compare : many convergences, a few different preferences and/or priorities and, as it could be expected, big differences for the questions about kanji and Japanese IME. There's also a different opinion for the price ...

Por madscient

Master (193)

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21-01-2016, 03:01

Not less foreigners expect Unicode Kanji font, it was surprised me.

I feel funny that still there are many people who wants V9990:-)

Por SuchAGoonie

Expert (108)

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21-01-2016, 12:50

You can't really see it in the results, because all the individual answers are simply tallied, but I bet you can distinguish two groups of people: one would like an 'old school' MSX but with better music and video chips, and the other group wants a more modern MSX with USB and SD slots, etc.

I'm in the first group, by the way. Smile

Por madscient

Master (193)

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21-01-2016, 14:24

I can see interesting difference:
Most of foreigners expect CPU should be Z80+upper-compatible-Z80, likely they supposed Z80+R800 (or maybe Z80+Z380!)
However, Japanese users are splitting as Z80+upper-compatible-Z80 and fast Z80.

I think that some people who selected "faster Z80" instead upper-compatible are considered reality.
Since most of upper-compatible-Z80s are no longer obtained, actually that is more realistic option.

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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21-01-2016, 20:47

Form filled... The opinion from non-Japanese users about Kanji and its features are not relevant in my opinion and may distort the result if we don't know what we choose. Who better than you (Japanese users) can say what are your needs. Anyway, whatever the area, Kanji should be implemented to keep the full compatibility with Japanese software.

madscient: SCC is not on the soundchips list, is this correct?

Por madscient

Master (193)

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22-01-2016, 06:51

I had forgotten about SCC ;-)
However, someone who wants to mention about SCC has filled it in free word option.
Would not be major impact...

Por megatron

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22-01-2016, 11:01

New Model MSX ??

Who's making it..when is it coming out ??

Por giangiacomo.zaffini

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22-01-2016, 14:30

@ madscient : was this survey made in order to guide a real hardware project ? I thought it was out for curiosity.

Por madscient

Master (193)

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23-01-2016, 04:15

I can't say anything about new hardware project yet...

For now, have a fun comparison. Smile

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