Pletter compressor working in Mac OS X

Por nanochess

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10-09-2016, 17:53

Hi guys.

I had translated Pletter compressor from C++ to C and I had it in my files for years, recently I made a version that works in Mac OS X over command line and I've released it in Github.

Enjoy it! Smile

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Por Louthrax

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10-09-2016, 19:13

Hi Nanochess,

Looks interesting!

Just curious, could you give some details on the compression method? Do you know how are the compression speed and rate compared to other methods (thinking about BitBuster here)? The Z80 uncompression code looks quite compact.


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10-09-2016, 19:45

Iirc It is an improved version of bitbuster
Its main feature is that it does not need almost any ram buffer (great for colecovision coding)
On msx it is outperformed by msx-o-mizer