Talent or Telematica, Same company?

Por mk6262

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25-06-2017, 13:31

Hi, All

Actually, I am a Korean and we got local MSX manufacturers such as Goldstar, Daewoo and Samsung in the 1980s.
When I surf in google, I see the same design, TPC-310 as Daewoo IQ1000 (Its P/N is DPC-200), but this model is MSX2 (Korean DPC-200 is MSX1).

I don't know exactly by whom TPC-310 was made, Talent or Telematica? Otherwise, Talent is a brand name by Telematica?
I'd like to know the history or relationship of the two companies.

Thanks a lot! Face

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Por Grauw

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25-06-2017, 22:07

Looks like it! See this wiki page: https://www.msx.org/wiki/Category:Telem%C3%A1tica/Talent

Maybe someone from Argentina can tell more (pope Francis perhaps, or our queen :D).

Por jvidal

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05-05-2020, 22:16

I think I can help you.
Telematica S.A. is the name of the company that produced the Talent MSX machines.
All early Talent MSXs were licensed Daewoo designs.
For example, the DPC-300 MSX2 is identical to the CPC-300.
On the other hand, the TPC-310 is a telematica design, it's not a Daewoo clone.