Laydock 2 sucks!!

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Por Louthrax

Prophet (2492)

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15-07-2017, 00:52

Rhaaaaaaaa!! I need to share some of my frustration here about that T&E soft shooter... I'll try to stay polite and not go AVGN style, but... that game sucks.

For some reasons, I never really played that game too long before, even if I'm a big shmup fan and have both a Sony MSX2+ and a turboR machine (that game is one of the rare MSX2+ exclusive software).

As I recently got a nice MSX2+ expanded VG-8235, I decided it was time to repair that and go seriously on Laydock 2. I really enjoyed the first Laydock, with amazing graphics and smooth scroll at the time, same goes for Super Laydock, and finished both of them.

So, I've been playing that game for about 3 hours now... and have not even managed to pass level 2! And the more I play the game, the more frustrated get. I've identified several causes:

  • The enemy moves are quite random and hard to predict.
  • The player's bullets speed is rather slow, quite frustrating when combined with the randomness of the enemies.
  • The sprites are moving with the camera! That makes no sense! If you aim a ground ennemy and that screen starts to move horizontally, your shoot will move horizontally and miss its target...
  • There are no Shield bonus anywhere! In the previous Laydocks you were able to gain some HP (or Shield here), by shooting some capsules or ennemies, here there's nothing.
  • The Shield / HP system is quite frustrating. If you take too much damage in stage 1, there's no hope passing stage 2. You better suicide yourself running into ennemies or walls!
  • The "Mine" weapon is blocked until both mines have disappeared from the screen. If only 1 mine remains, you can't shoot a new one. Again, that's quite frustrating and random!
  • The boss from stage 2 (that "blob" creature held in ice) moves randomly and squeezes you on the borders of the screen (sometimes without visually touching you). Also, there's no feedback on it of the damages you inflict.

On the positive side, that's one of the rare MSX2+ game, it has a smooth multi-directionnal scrolling, and graphics are OK (I would not say great, at least for the 1st 2 levels as that's all I've seen from the game so far). But that's all. Well, I might not be very objective right now because I'm so frustrated :)

So I'm done with that game for now, will play Bastard instead (which also sucks, but not that much).

Maybe I missed something? Maybe my reflexesand patience went down with age? I don't know, but I'd be curious to know if some of you have tested that game and maybe managed to enjoy it?

EDIT: If you also think that this game deeply sucks, you can also share it here, that will make me feel better :)

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Por meits

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15-07-2017, 01:16

Louthrax wrote:

So I'm done with that game for now, will play Bastard instead (which also sucks, but not that much).


Por wyrdwad

Paladin (934)

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15-07-2017, 09:18

T&E Soft is weird. Some of their games are absolutely extraordinary and really engaging (Undeadline, Rune Worth, Hydlide 3, Psy-O-Blade), but then others are frustrating masses of unrealized potential (all of the Laydock games I've played, Daiva).

I'm with you, man. I couldn't get anywhere in Laydock 2. It's technically impressive, but as a game, there's just no fun to be had for me.


Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (10134)

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15-07-2017, 12:01

I've played Bastard for quite a while, having an original copy of the game might have helped too. In a way, wandering around, making maps, kicking some enemies, is basic fun. What Bastard lacks is any hint about where to go, and what the aim of the game is anyway. It's a maze, and not much more, there's no goal. If you have other things to do, Bastard is an easy game to say 'okay bye' to.

Por syn

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15-07-2017, 12:07

I've played Laydock 2 last attack a lot when i was a child. I truly love the graphics and music of it.

I think the game is a bit too hard for my taste now (played it a while back for the first time in decades).

I think the laydocks were designed for 2 players to finish, since with 2 players you can dock for stronger weapons. Back when I was a kid I played the games often with friends coming over.

Por TheKid

Paragon (1238)

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15-07-2017, 13:09

Played Laydock a lot with a friend when I was a teenager. Loved the graphics. Never got to play Laydock 2 since I had no msx2+ . Did play daiva 5 a lot, loved that game, although I disliked the planet battles. After reading Louthrax's story, I don't thick I'm gonna give laydock 2 a try Smile

Por meits

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15-07-2017, 20:02

The looks and sounds of Laydock 2 are quite well. But for me that's where the beauty of the game ends. If you want to go anywhere in that game you _have_ to cheat... That ain't healthy...

Por mfeingol

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15-07-2017, 20:20

Laydock was fantastic. Laydock 2 I always found to be somewhat unplayable.

And Daiva V was also fantastic for its time. It does take a bit of effort to get into it, though.

Por Louthrax

Prophet (2492)

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15-07-2017, 21:18

Thanks guys, so I've probably not missed anything in the game... That's weird, because that's a game that should be good (MSX2+, late T&E soft), but that just can't be enjoyed, even with some efforts.

I liked most of the T&E Soft games before that one (my avatar here is from Hydlide 2). It's true that the difficulty level was sometime a bit high in several T&S Soft releases (absolutely no way to finish Hydlide 2 without a walkthrough, Undeadline is also super-hard!Smile), but there was always a little something in the T&E Soft games that got me hooked... except for Laydock 2!

Thinking about it again, another bad thing in Laydock 2 is that you don't know exactly what you did wrong when dying... Partially caused by the HP/Shield system and the randomness in enemies behavior. I have no problem with hard shmups like Knightmare or Nemesis 2, because you know why you die and what you did wrong.

But I'm not finished with that game... need some yoga and meditation before but I'll be back! (also, IIRC, in Laydock, it was possible to gain new weapons with an experience system, maybe the same could apply to Laydock 2 playing the same levels 1 & 2 again and again...).

@wolf, Bastard sucks (so many bugs, typos in almost every English word) but is good to lower the stress, just killing ennemies and making money Smile Having the map of the game from MSX solutions really helps too.

Por hamlet

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15-07-2017, 23:24

I can understand what you have gone through. I'm really happy I' in MSX and not with Amiga. There are alot of games on the C= section that are very similar. Great graphics but so bad gameplay. But I had a nice game experience in the meantime.
I had a wonderful day with Ghost. It did'nt let me out until I finished the game. I'm really satisfied.

Por Grauw

Ascended (10818)

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16-07-2017, 01:27

What, Daiva is awesome Smile.

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