Auf wiedersehen Monty for Turbo-R

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Por MisterT

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18-09-2006, 20:48

Hi people,

Is their anyone that has Auf wiedersehen Monty working on Turbo-R ?
I cant get it to work same as the game Future Knight, for some reason
it makes a memory call that lockes up the computer.

Can anyone that knows the problem or has the solution reply ?

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Por [D-Tail]

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18-09-2006, 22:45

Until NYYRIKKI/Sonic_aka_T posts the universal poke: poke -1,0 should do for turboR/Panasonic MSX2+ computers. Smile

[edit]After which you have to load the game using LOAD"MONTY.LDR",R or sumthin', ofcoz Big smile[/edit]

Por MisterT

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18-09-2006, 22:49

Thanks for reply but doesnt solves it, already tried that.....

poke -1,170 for philips machines
poke -1,255 for some Sony machines
poke -1,0 for Sony F1XDJ 2+
poke -1,0 for Turbo-R
not to mention the poke -1, (not peek( etc etc)........

But i want it to work on my Turbo-R Gt and the -1,0 doesnt work with that game...

Por Sonic_aka_T

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19-09-2006, 01:19

Are you booting it in DOS2 mode maybe? Make sure you boot your tR with a DOS1 disk in the drive, or while holding the [1] key until BASIC has started. The R800 led should then be off. Perhaps that's the problem...

Por MisterT

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19-09-2006, 02:03

Just checked it, and no difference.
I boot with 1 pressed so in Z80 Mode
then it runs the bootloader (basic)

10 out 168,240: key1,"MONTY"
20 poke-1,0
30 bload"aufwiede.001",r
40 bload"aufwiede.002",r
50 bload"aufwiede.003",r
60 bload"aufwiede.004",r
70 bload"aufwiede.005",r
80 bload"aufwiede.006",r

and it crashes i think already in the 1st part

Por SLotman

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19-09-2006, 02:26

POKE -1,(15-PEEK(-1)\16)*17 is the "universal poke" - unfortunaly it does not make Auf Monty to work on turbo-R.

I've tried several versions, and none worked. Somehow the game seems to be badly adapted from Spectrum - not even the loading screen works on turbo-R... Maybe it writes to FFFFh or is OUTing to ports it shouldn't on MSX...

P.S.: I do miss Auf Monty running on my real MSX... I just love that theme music Smile

Por Imanok

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19-09-2006, 09:34

IIRC, there was a rom version made by Jam in the Legacy compilation that worked on TR...

Por MisterT

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19-09-2006, 15:21

can you give the link or place where i can get it ?

Por snout

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19-09-2006, 16:56

MisterT: unfortunately not, as that is against MRC forum policies. (No linking to, or requests for copyrighted software)

Por MisterT

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19-09-2006, 17:39

Well im not acting against that policy, i only wanna know how to get hands on that game, so if it
is made my JAM there should be a way i could order it , so if anybody can help out here....

Por Manuel

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19-09-2006, 19:10

It wasn't made by JAM, it was converted/adapted by JAM. Anyway, I have the Legacy compilation, but it doesn't seem to contain Monty. So never mind. (I have the original game, so this is very legal Tongue)

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