Ghost (msx) miniCD erased for error.

Por Fredi77

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28-04-2018, 20:31

I have the Ghost (msx) bought physical in matra, which includes a miniCD with manual, poster and comic.

The problem is that my windows 10 has formatted the miniCD, so now I have a blank minicd with the cover of the ghost!

Could someone send me the contents of the miniCD in my mail (fredi77 @ and i try to record in mi blank miniCD.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry for my english oO

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Por sdsnatcher73

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13-05-2018, 19:08

Hi, 2 things could have happened. Either the supplied disc was a CD-RW or rewritable media and you erased it. But that seems unlikely as RW media are more expensive. What is more likely is that the supplied disc was a CD-R or recordable media but the disc was not ‘closed’ when it was recorded. In this state the existing recording session can be changed in a new session. The new session can add, replace or delete existing files. However that is partly just metadata, the initial (or each session actually) still exists as do the files in that session.

You can try to recover the initial session with tools like:

Por syn

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13-05-2018, 21:10

Just ask matra for an iso perhaps? Smile

Por Fredi77

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22-05-2018, 04:15

Solved, the author sent me the files.
Thanks for replies.