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Por the_knives

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15-03-2019, 22:53

Hello everybody, I suppose many of you, like me, are big fans of Zanac and particularly Zanac Excellent. Well, I just recently learned that Compile released a Zanac game for the Playstation 1 in 2001 (just before the company folded) that is really a hommage to the classic Zanac games we love. I guessed that this must be new and interesting info for at least some of you.

Basically the game is a 32-bit interpretation of the Zanac games with revamped, but with instantly recognizable graphics and music. It is a great game to check out if you like some more Zanac, or are just curious how a 'remastered' Zanac excellent would look like.

You can check out the game here:

Background info on the game:

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Por Pencioner

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15-03-2019, 22:57

This looks do different... similar if you compare the Doom game on 386 to Doom 3 with all that fancy 3d hardware accelerated graphics

Por Samor

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16-03-2019, 19:42

I thought it actually felt familiar. It's a really good game too.

Por meits

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16-03-2019, 20:02

Extra lives are being sprayed around and you're immortal for a few seconds every time you get a powerup (of which there are enough), but still, it's hard... So I am glad with the rewind option I got in my ps1 emulator Smile

Por max_iwamoto

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17-03-2019, 04:25

It's actually an epic game. I spent weeks playing it. It also have NES version of Zanac included in it, you can call it Zanac EX for NES.