MSXHub 1.0.2 released

por fr3nd em 12-05-2019, 19:14
Tópico: Development

MSXHub is a package manager that allows you to install software directly to your MSX computer from the Internet using an UNAPI compatible network card. A new version has been released.

These are the changes since the last version:

  • It's now possible to download arbitrary files using the `get` command. For example: hub get http://server/file
  • Latest version has been compiled using sdcc: 3.8.0
  • Bugfix: Now the progress bar show K when size is greater than 1024 and B when it's lower. Size is also padded to the left so it's always in the same position.
  • Bugfix: bad label names in dos.c ASM functions

Since the first release a lot of new packages have been added, including all the titles from MSXdev'18 so they are easily installed and played in a real MSX computer.

To upgrade to the latest release just run hub upgrade hub

relevant link: MSXHub

Comentários (11)

Por Manuel

Ascended (19298)

imagem de Manuel

12-05-2019, 23:07

Really cool initiative!

I feel like a combination with SofaRun would be nice: SofaRun a game that you don't have, but can be immediately downloaded and run from a server! Smile The list comes from the/a remote server! What do you think, Louthrax? Tongue

Por fr3nd

Expert (112)

imagem de fr3nd

13-05-2019, 09:47

Nice idea! I'm in to any collaboration Smile

By the way, I forgot to mention it's possible to receive notifications of recently updated software using Twitter, RSS or Telegram:

Por ToriHino

Paladin (826)

imagem de ToriHino

13-05-2019, 19:51

Yeah, this tool works great in combination with a GR8NET. Thx for the update!

Por thalin

Resident (39)

imagem de thalin

04-06-2019, 22:23

Well done! Works great!
I'm working on a wifi cartridge. Would be great to add support for MSXHUB.
Does it work with Ethernet UNAPI or TCP/IP UNAPI required?

Por fr3nd

Expert (112)

imagem de fr3nd

07-06-2019, 23:15


Another wifi ethernet project is in progress? That's nice to hear! I can't wait to know more about it.

MSXHub is using the TCP/IP UNAPI. The ethernet specification is too low level for the purpose of the application Smile

Por enribar

Paragon (1206)

imagem de enribar

10-06-2019, 19:13

Great software! But I'm experiencing some troubles with the gr8net, please read here:

Por yustmenl

Rookie (32)

imagem de yustmenl

20-08-2019, 20:54

I just installed MSXHUB and i realy like it.

But i was wondering , is there a way to install all tools to a specific directory so not in the root?

what i mean is:
Make a folder like hubinstall and install al; tools there with each there own folder.

Por raymond

Hero (630)

imagem de raymond

21-08-2019, 18:31

The destination folder is "hardcoded" in the yaml file. However an override would be very usefull in my opinion as well. I also do not like to have all the tools installed in various directories on my A: drive...

Por raymond

Hero (630)

imagem de raymond

21-08-2019, 18:42

I have submitted an enhancement request on github for this: enhancement request on github

Por yustmenl

Rookie (32)

imagem de yustmenl

22-08-2019, 08:13

I also see in the request that it's already implemented.
hub install vi a:\utils installs it in the directory a:\utils.

Por fr3nd

Expert (112)

imagem de fr3nd

22-08-2019, 08:36

Hi,I can see you guys already saw my comment on github, but this feature was already implemented. It also keeps the custom directory in the database so it can be uninstalled properly.