z80Rogue: a small roguelike for MSX

Por nanochess

Master (222)

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27-10-2019, 20:03

Hi all.

I've wrote a small Rogue-like game. It attempts to look like the old MS-DOS version of the game.

Basically you are an adventurer entering the dungeons, and you have to fight your way descending until level 26 to retrieve the Amulet of Yendor, then ascend out of the dungeon to triumph. All in glorious text screens Wink

There are weapon and armor points dropped "randomly" around, also food, traps, and gold. The letters are monsters.

Instead of providing tons of keys to control the game, you only need to move with cursor keys and go over things to do actions over them. (so fighting is moving onto a monster)

I've provided the source code and builds for other platforms from the same source code.


Enjoy it!

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Por Manuel

Ascended (19691)

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27-10-2019, 22:08


I just played it, and I have some improvement points:
- it seems a bit too easy. I got to level 11 in my first try. If you're a bit careful in the beginning, you quickly become so strong you can beat any enemy.
- sometimes when you move after starting a level, there appears to be gold (or something else) at that position. Looks a bit odd.

Great job though, such a multiplatform game Smile

Por nanochess

Master (222)

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28-10-2019, 00:17

Thanks for the feedback! Smile

Indeed sometimes it's easy to get pretty strong. Maybe later will improve in that area.

Por santiontanon

Paragon (1833)

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28-10-2019, 06:08

I had the same impression as Manuel, as enemies are static, what I did was just to avoid any fights, except those that were in my way of exploring a floor. So, in that way, it is super easy to just go down, as I barely did any fight, and I only got more and more power ups Wink

But this is an awesome project!! and I am quite impressed it fits within an 8kb ROM! Do you plan on keep working on it?

Por Timmy

Master (200)

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28-10-2019, 13:26

I was kinda expecting that you ported the original Rogue from the Spectrum version (or the CPC version), but this plays better than that version. Smile

At least here, every room can be reached from the stairs. Also better controls than the original, too.

Almost makes me want to make my own version too. Perhaps when I have more time, but not right now. Smile

Really nice game!

Por nanochess

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28-10-2019, 20:26

I really like Rogue so yes, I think that in some months I would be able to improve some areas.