AGD MSX Suite first public release

AGD MSX Suite first public release

por jltursan em 07-01-2020, 18:54
Tópico: Software

After some months of hard work, the AGD MSX Suite is ready to a first public release!
For anyone asking what's that AGD thing, here's the page of the original project: Multi-Platform-Arcade-Game-Designer. The MSX version is based in the MPAGD branch of the original AGD (published for ZX Spectrum) and trying to keep the highest level of compatibility between source codes.

Some details of the project:

  • MSX1 support.
  • Smooth gameplay (50 fps).
  • Full 32 hardware sprites available.
  • Sprite flickering routine.
  • Full PSG support: PT3 and ayFX players integrated.
  • It can generate RAM based distributions (using floppy disk images) or cartridge files (16KB or 32KB ROM files).
  • High compatibility with the already existing AGD projects.

Although it's intended to be paired with WinAGD (the Windows editor of the MPAGD project), the released version works as a standalone application. That's easy to solve with an extra batch file for WinAGD as since its version 0.7.5 is already compatible with this MSX engine; but for now, this script is not ready.


Relevant link:
Github download

Comentários (8)

Por Danjovic

Champion (321)

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08-01-2020, 20:30


Por ericb59

Paragon (1095)

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09-01-2020, 08:10

Great tool !
Thank you for porting it to MSX Big smile

Por jltursan

Prophet (2619)

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09-01-2020, 19:51

Thanks!, I would love to see some more new developments based on this tool Smile

Por sd_snatcher

Prophet (3608)

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10-01-2020, 22:20

Thank you, jltursan! This opens a door for many new games arriving on the MSX. Smile

Por Uninteresting

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10-01-2020, 23:21

And maybe new MSXdev entries as well.

Por Jonathan

Supporter (10)

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18-01-2020, 16:47

I'll be adding this to the next release of MPAGD but for now you'll have to work out how to add it to MPAGD yourselves (it's just a case of writing a batch file).

I'm sure most people will want to create their own original games but here's a short video showing how to convert an existing Spectrum title (apparently there are 200 now) to another format using MPAGD. It's Amstrad CPC but the conversion is easier to do for the MSX as the screen resolution is the same.

Por Maggoo

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19-01-2020, 12:31

Very cool news. The support of hardware sprites is a great addition!

Por Fish

Resident (44)

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23-02-2020, 21:32

You did some awesome work! My first creation is a conversion of Terrahawks. Couldn't have made it without your effort!