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Por Briqunullus

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22-04-2020, 18:29

I've scanned an edition of the Dutch magazine MSX Info and added it to the wiki page.
The edition is from may/june 1985 and has some nice articles about the history of msx (pages 19 and 59).

Still figuring out what settings are best. This magazine has been scanned at 150 dpi,
which results in a pdf of 35 mb. Is this acceptable?

By the way, text is selectable in pdf. So non Dutch speakers can copy/paste into Google Translate.
I've got a few more, will do them when I've got time.

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Por Briqunullus

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17-05-2020, 20:03

I have scanned another six MSX Info magazines and added links to the wiki page.
Also, I have added a link for the disk that could be ordered with MSX Gids nr 10. I have used the supplement column for that.

Those were all the MSX Info editions I have. But I'll continue with MSX Mozaik, I've got 11 of them.

Por mars2000you

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18-05-2020, 02:43

Thanks for your contributions and your help Smile