OpenMSX slow and low fps on Raspberry Pi 4

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Por DarkSchneider

Paladin (1019)

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08-06-2020, 15:55

On Linux there is no change, the VSYNC is enabled if set as “application” on control panel when changing to fullscreen and set to immediate. Then on Windows should be the same.

Por Grauw

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08-06-2020, 16:08

In immediate sync mode, on Windows I get tearing in full-screen and judder in windowed mode. On macOS I get judder in both cases.

Por DarkSchneider

Paladin (1019)

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08-06-2020, 21:16

That means that on Windows it really exchanges the display settings, but on MacOS, and I suspect the same on Linux, not.

Por Cool MAN

Supporter (3)

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04-08-2020, 22:23

I am a Fan of your work, which I find magnificent, I have a request for you because I am a beginner on pi4, could you make an image for the pi4, Special MSX, with OpenMSX, because I can not find anything of course the net, I would like to have a direct boot img in MSX with the MSX logo of course, which is derived from the openMSX because it knows best everything on a PI4 of 16 GB and especially which is self-extensible and in network that we can add roms or dsk, many look for it everywhere but nothing reliable, I will be very grateful to you because it cannot be found . OpenMSX0.15.0 Big smile

Por journey

Hero (575)

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20-01-2021, 14:32

Hi to all,

Recently i've bought a Raspberry PI 400.
I've tried OpenMSX (0.16) and, indeed, with scaler activated is REALLY slow...
No way to have a FULL SCREEN mode?

I've checked the RENDERER and only the SDL is availabe to me..

If i am not misunderstood, the SDLGL-PP renderer should fix it..
but how can i add this?

I really don't like the 1x image without scanlines... Crying

Por Manuel

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20-01-2021, 14:49

I'd love to help, but I have no experience with this device or any other RPi.

In general, SDLGL-PP is much faster, as all scaling is done on the hardware (on the GPU). If it's not available, it may be that the OS isn't properly installed or configured, or that the library or hardware doesn't support the required OpenGL version.
You could try the latest development build (it has lower OpenGL requirements) or openMSX 0.15.0 (also lower OpenGL requirements).

Por journey

Hero (575)

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20-01-2021, 15:07

Thanx Manuel,

I'm REALLY noop especially with the RPi devices... Crying

Por journey

Hero (575)

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20-01-2021, 15:16

Por sdsnatcher73

Prophet (3954)

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20-01-2021, 16:52

It could be, it seems for the Pi4 OpenGL in software rendering is much faster than on it’s GPU. Are you running Ubuntu though? Or raspbian? As steps to try I would say:

1. Install Ubuntu 20.04 on a fresh SD card
2. Install all upgrades with apt.
3. Download openMSX 16.0 release

Por Vampier

Prophet (2413)

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20-01-2021, 22:50

I am not sure how many times I have to tell people about

This is bare metal openMSX on the pi at full speed and yes the maintainer of Sedai has put the workarounds in place already.

Here is an old video from a previous version

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