MSX Banzai's complete lack of ethics

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Por Manuel

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02-04-2007, 19:36

Well, I hate you manuel for filling this forum with ugly white (blank) characters Wink Looks a bit like a scrambled image....

Well, install correct fonts or so... For those who didn't, I'll repeat the message:

 _____  _
|  __ \| |
| |__) | | ___  __ _ ___  ___
|  ___/| |/ _ \/ _` / __|/ _ \
| |    | |  __/ (_| \__ \  __/
|_|    |_|\___|\__,_|___/\___|
    | |
 ___| |_ ___  _ __
/ __| __/ _ \| '_ \
\__ \ || (_) | |_) |
|___/\__\___/| .__/
             | |
 _   _
| | | |
| |_| |__   ___
| __| '_ \ / _ \
| |_| | | |  __/
 \__|_| |_|\___|
 _           _
| |         | |
| |__   __ _| |_ ___
| '_ \ / _` | __/ _ \
| | | | (_| | ||  __/
|_| |_|\__,_|\__\___|

Por snout

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02-04-2007, 19:38

Patsie: it isn't a personal attack indeed, and not even half as bad as the direct attack was, but it is part of the continuing efforts of a small group of people to demotivate MRC crew members and put the MRC in bad light. It's something I'd rather see put to an end as well.

Still, this topic is first and foremost about the highly disrespectful way two or more people intended to hurt me, for which I'd gladly receive an explanation and apology. Behavior like this does not belong in the MSX community and should not be tolerated. The fact that another MRC user wished an MRC crew member a slow and painful death today only shows how far out of line some people want to go to have their usual mindless flamewars. This is where I draw the line, it had gone too far already, but this is the point where it really has to stop.

Por ro

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02-04-2007, 20:10

maybe someone else should apologize too, for jumping to conclusions to fast Wink

Gayver.. huhu, he said.. yeah yeah.

I personally don't give a damn shit about April fools, mocking or calling names. It sometimes makes me laugh, even when I'm the "victim". Fingerpointing is more of a bad taste, imho. (If I'm the man, then you're the man as well)
But, indeed, there's a limit. Saying some stupid stuff about some one's family might be harmfull. But I'd rather have some braindead idiot call me names than a sane person....

now lez Running Naked in a Field of Flowers or be gay

Por Ivan

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02-04-2007, 20:28

No matter how you look at it, what was published on that page is unjustifiable.

Por snout

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02-04-2007, 21:02

Ro: Maybe that's how it works for you, but to me it doesn't work like that. As domain-owner and webmaster, Patriek Lesparre is responsible for the contents of MSX Banzai, and whether he likes it or not one of the persons responsible for the 'joke' being online on the frontpage for so long.

There are currently two or three persons involved

a] The person who made the 'joke' (GuyveR or unknown?)
b] The person who published the 'joke' (BiFi, who kind of apologized, but despite doubt thoughtfully published it anyway)
c] The person who allowed the 'joke' to be online for so long (Which is GuyveR's main respobsibility when it comes to MSXBanzai)

There are two or three things that bother me:

a] The fact that the joke was made -at all-
b] The fact that the joke was published -at all-
c] The fact that the joke has been online for so long.

I'm amazed that none of the two or three persons involved in publication thought "maybe we were going a bit too far with this" and because of that I can only see the 'joke' as a well-considered attempt to hurt me. The fact that not one, but two or three persons took part in this consideration makes it only worse and more shocking to me. It wasn't just an impulsive bad joke, but something more persons have actually thought about. Allowing something like that to take place on your website and - as an editor - ignoring your doubts and posting it anyway (knowing the pain it could cause) is to me just as bad as making the joke itself. Perhaps even worse. The fact that during the day none of the #msxdev regulars stood up and said something about it worries me as well. On MSXposse, mars2000you even had a good laugh about the posts on MSXBanzai (although not directly referring to the joke about my father's disease).

I'm not exactly flawless myself, but a few people have repeatedly and purposely gone to extreme levels to inflict damage to me personally, MRC, Bazix and the other MRC and Bazix crew members. To my personal liking, those extremes had gone too far already, but this is where I really have to draw the line. If this is behavior we find acceptable in the MSX community, I'd rather close down the entire MSX Resource Center today as it is nothing I want to be a part of and nothing anyone with a brain should want to be a part of if you ask me.

It's okay to disagree, it's okay to have heated discussions (as long as the evolve around facts and proper argumentation), it's okay to dislike me, MRC and/or Bazix but I can not accept or tolerate the fact that a few people think they can have a good laugh about my father dying of cancer, whilst with a serious undertone accentuating my supposed evilness. There can be no question about the intentions that lie behind all this and I purely and deeply detest the persons involved in this tasteless act of impertinence. Removal, an apology and explanation is the least I could ask for.

Por Alex Ganzeveld

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02-04-2007, 21:04

Please show some respect! Seriously, I mean: what the hell did he do? Sander: I'm really, really sorry all this. You're support and effort in MRC and Bazix IS BEING APPRECIATED! And that goes for everybody behind the MRC and Bazix: THANKS FOR YOU EFFORT!

How about that for a change? This is not a 'joke'. This is something that's aimed at the person. It has nothing to do with MSX.

@ro: "snout should not use MRC to express" than what should he use? Just swallow it? Send a mail: 'I don't like that, stop it?'. This is ***THE ONLY*** place where stuff like this is to be posted. It's something of the MSX communty. Situations like these don't have any perspective producing anything more positive than 'and let's just leave it at that'.

MRC and Bazix are trying to MAKE someting and people like Patriek Lesparre and the people @ MSX Banzai are trying to BREAK it. That in itself is sad, but hey...WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT? But this, this is personal. Doesn't have anything to do with MSX, so it shouldn't be on MSX Banzai nor But is was, so probably the death of Snout's dad it something ALL OF US should have a say about?

@Bifi. Come on! Please.

I am VERY GLAD that there are people that MAINTAIN to be CREATIVE instead of trying to talk everything down -which if SO easy-. My first reaction was: "Crawl back under your stone you sorry bunch of wankers". And that's just where the problem is. Action => Reaction => Reaction...etc,etc.

Por wolf_

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02-04-2007, 21:04

ro, 1: who owns the page and has his email on the bottom of it, so 2: who's end-responsible for its contents? Add to that the famous style and anger of the remarks, and you can't blame anyone for initially pointing into the wrong direction. The lesson learnt from this is that there now two similar persons to count with in the future.. yay :S

Anyway, 'nuff said I think. Let's hop to the future, possible a brighter one..

Por wolf_

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02-04-2007, 21:08

w00p, post-flood and double content.. o_o

Por Prodatron

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03-04-2007, 00:51

@Alex G.: Full Ack!

Por poke-1,170

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03-04-2007, 01:06

also it's rather safe to make "jokes" like this from the comfort of your living room. It's realy easy writing something down anonymously behind a screen, away from man to man confrontation. We're still dealing with real people here, it's still read and it will still hurt.
Would you be able to look someone in the eye and even dare to make the same "joke" ? Would you do this to people you see on a regular basis ?
Maybe it has something to do with the lack of social values, about knowing how to behave, tact and all that, which from my point of view is basic knowledge that every decent person should have. You know instinctively when you cross a line, you know you're doing something that is wrong and you feel it inside you. So why do it ?
What are you going to do when you meet face to face again the next time, without the safety of your screen to hide behind and chuckle ?
I just don't understand what a harmless 8 bit homecomputer and those who love it has to do with all of this.
I sure think that msx doesn't gain popularity with a community like this. It's the people who keep msx alive,
and so the future of it depends on its users and all this pointless anger doesn't serve it the least bit.

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