MSX Banzai's complete lack of ethics

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Por snout

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03-04-2007, 12:00

Ro: had this 'joke' been a "first offense" I might have chosen to contact MSX Banzai! on a personal level and asked them to remove it, but the joke is part of a long lasting campaign to willfully and publically damage the MRC, Bazix and (now) hurt me and others involved in MRC and/or Bazix personally. Things went far before, but if you have the balls to publish such immoral filth, then you have to take full responsibility and take the blame for it in public. By solving things behind closed doors MSX Banzai would have gotten off way too light. As for domain holder of the website: responsible == MRC Foundation. Responsible for contents = Foundation, Admins & Webmasters. Clear as non-polluted water.

HansO: Knowing that I have been silent in situations as well, I now know exactly how it feels and regret that I've been part of the silent majority in the past. I'm shocked that during the day people who read and referred to the jokes, like mars2000you, did not seem to have a problem with that one joke. If in situations like these people were less held back to 'get involved' and instead of staying silent voiced that and why some things are over the line things would probably never have reached this new low.

From what I understand now I kind of misread BiFi's initial post in this thread, from which I gathered he had published the joke on MSX Banzai, but someone else made it up. Re-reading it I conclude that BiFi also made the joke. If that is the case, I indeed need to apologize to Patriek Lesparre (GuyveR800), whom I blamed too harshly, but still consider responsible for the contents of MSX Banzai. I hope that, MSXBanzai being his website and us having kind of a history, he can understand why I pointed him as prime and only suspect. I also hope that he too will agree that this 'joke' was way out of line and, in at least some way, he will dissociate himself from it.

As for BiFi: what were you thinking? Who were you trying to impress? In what way could I possibly 'abuse' the terminal disease of my father? And what on earth is the 'April Fools'-fun in that? Why did you not respond to your initial doubts? We worked together on MRC, we worked together on Guru Logic (where I guarded your position in the team on multiple occasions), we have met personally several times... What did I ever do to you to deserve this? There are many things that I don't understand. The one thing I'd -really- like to know is... Was it REALLY you who wrote and published the joke? It sounds -so- unlike you, so unlike the Albert Beevendorp I know.

Por HansO

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03-04-2007, 18:23

HansO: Knowing that I have been silent in situations as well
I have not read the joke (and I prefer not to), but sure would like loudly speaking joining all who think this kind of joke/hate is unacceptable.

As for BiFi: what were you thinking? ... Was it REALLY you who wrote and published the joke? It sounds -so- unlike you, so unlike the Albert Beevendorp I know.

Hear hear. Albert has been such a good friend in the past of many, me included, and now is following a path filled with hate we do not understand.

Por Serico

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03-04-2007, 22:01

I have just been reading this whole thing through.
One word comes in my mind.... sad.
Sad that these things happen in the MSX community.
The MSX scene isn't that big and a lot of us know eachother personal.
Of course we all have our differences and you can't like everybody.
But we should never attack or hurt eachother personally.
Come on you guys, we all have one thing incommon... MSX.
That's what bonds us all!
So for God's sake, let's stop this MRC/BAZIX versus MSXPOSSE/BANZAI or whatever RIGHT HERE!
It is all a waste of time and it will not make the MSX community stronger.
Worse, the MSX community as we know it (and love it) will one day come to an end due to this crap.
I hope this will never happen!
@ snout: keep up the good work at MRC! and just remember who your real MSX friends are

Por Prodatron

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04-04-2007, 00:53

I agree. Snout, I think MRC is one of the best example for a well designed and great working 8bit community I ever saw on the net, I wish we would achieve that in the CPC scene, too, but unfortunately we don't do yet.

Por MrRudi

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04-04-2007, 01:12

Well, luckily I had nothing to do with it nor have I responded in this thread. I am sure we can all agree on the (subjective) fact that making fun of the terminal disease of someone's father is a low thing to do, and in light of the large history here it's insanely inconsiderate of Banzai's staff to place it and keep it on. I am specifically not pointing any fingers at Guyver here since someone else seems to want to take the fall for it, and well..face it, PL is an easy target, whether or not it's justified.

Now we have established some common ground, I'll put my feet in that ground and 'kind-of' agree with Ro...(I could never in my life completely agree with Ro on anything anyway). I don't think this website is a good spot to openly discuss the misdoings of some other website when basically it has nothing to do with either both cases it has to do with the people behind the forums. I can understand Snout's pain and frustration and the utter need to vent it in a place where you *know* people will be outraged and agree with you, but the MSX scene (that little of what's left) is turning into a virtual middle-east: the fighting never stops.

It's nothing new Ro pointed out, that DD demo where they literally burnt someone to the ground, including his mother wasn't exactly a sign of good taste either, but we all laughed at that. Of course we were all kids back then, I think the best thing Snout can do is accept that some kids never grow up and are simply not worth your attention, frustration nor anger. As for this whole situation, no matter how disrespectful, take it somewhere else, as this is not helping you nor is it bringing positive energy back to MRC. Basically, as your friend I feel sick in my stomach someone would have the nerve to do this, as a part of the MRC community however, it's really none of my business. People in general should realise that internet boards only affect your personal lives if you make them your personal lives. And such is not a good thing.

By the way Ro, the guy's name was Rudolf Poels.

Por ro

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04-04-2007, 08:01

aaah, Rudolf.. yeah. ghehe. It's always funny until someone gets hurt and then it's just hilarious (patton)

Por PingPong

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04-04-2007, 08:08

Worse, the MSX community as we know it (and love it) will one day come to an end due to this crap.
I hope this will never happen!

This is already happened!
As we all can see, this forum topic is the most active in the last 3-4 days.

This only means that instead of posting msx related issues, we 'talk' about the msx banzai post.

There is no more to say about the guyer(?) post:

Por ro

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04-04-2007, 08:26

So, anybody tried the OCM yet ?

Por Sama

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04-04-2007, 08:55

Principally, Ro and MrRudi are right, but in this very case it's not really relevant whether or not this post should have been posted. I find it more relevant that it formed the opportunity to lighten the heart a little bit for somebody who has invested so much time and energy in creating and maintaining this very website (and many other MSX related things) and who is time and again the subject of badgering by a bunch of annoying slimes (to put it in RPG terms), who is, in addition, currently going through a very hard time in his personal life, where the slimes have dared to pop up and be annoying as well. Maybe things would have been different if MRC were a professional website, but in a case like this, I would also let my personal wellbeing prevail over whether or not it has a direct connection with the topic of the website. Especially since MRC is probably the only way where snout could vent his feelings and be understood.

I have the feeling that there have been times that I could express myself a little bit better. Ahwell, it's still early, but you'll probably get my point.

Por wolf_

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04-04-2007, 12:14

PingPong: keep in mind that the main motor of MRC was afk in march eh..

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