CLOAD is out now ! Tadahiro Nitta's brand new album

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18-10-2020, 10:54

Now available on iTunes:

Official text:
CLOAD is the brand new mini-album by Tadahiro Nitta, one of the top game music composers of the home computers in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Tadahiro’s classic compositions for MICROCABIN on the MSX platform were received with wide acclaim and are exemplary of pushing the combination of FM* and PSG* audio to the limit. Prime tracks were composed for games such as Illusion City, the Xak series and Fray in Magical Adventure. On CLOAD Tadahiro revisits 8 of the great pieces that accompanied the gamer back then. While using modern day recording equipment and software, Tadahiro stays very close to the original sound. Most tracks on the album were created with the MSX2+ (Sanyo PHC-70FD) only, for example. The vintage sound from Yamaha PortaSound synthesizers was added on two other tracks! It’s 2020 and MICROCABIN’s music is back!

About Tadahiro Nitta:
Tadahiro Nitta (born November 28th, 1970 in the Ehime Prefecture, Japan) was contracted as musician by MICROCABIN when he was 17 years old. Over those years, he composed and produced music for classic games as listed on this album, but also for others like Final Fantasy, Shenmue and Konpeki no Kantai on a variety of platforms. He retired from MICROCABIN in 2006. He then focused on traditional Japanese flute instruments and trombone with which he has earned international fame in many productions. After the coronavirus pandemic hit in February 2020, live performances were put on hold. When Mike Zuurman reached out to him that same month, the following conversation inspired Tadahiro to get back to FM and PSG sound creation. The Oasis in 2op group was formed and Tadahiro started work on CLOAD.

Oasis in 2op members:

  • Tadahiro Nitta (music, programming, recording)
  • FLINT Stein Fluss (graphics)
  • Gyabuneko (sound support)
  • Mike “Mr.Mouse” Zuurman (project support)

Please express your support if you like it! :D Tadahiro was so positively impressed by the MSX fans of his music, it inspired him to get back at it. Perhaps he will go for a second album! :)

If you feel like it, leave a nice comment on the launch trailer as well. :)

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Por mi-chi

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18-10-2020, 14:37

Terrific, just bought it!

Brings up old memories.

Fantastic compositions, still today, and rearranged in a way to honor the spirit of the sounds back then.

Still getting goosebumps from Illusion City theme Big smile

Just love it!

And would love to see more!

Por tfh

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18-10-2020, 15:54

Let's hope it will also get published on Spotify. I'm interested in hearing it...

Por hamlet

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02-03-2021, 21:50

Por ren

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03-03-2021, 09:16

So, can we enjoy CLOAD outside of itunes already?

@hamlet: thx (& fbclid..) Wink