Yaaay. I've made my second song now (Poppy)

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Por defdanny

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22-06-2021, 13:21

Again, really nice and technical elaborated tune, Totta. And I like the "4 on the floor" style absolutely!
I would like to know why you used 82 instruments? From hearing and watching your 2 videos I guess, that you use instruments that just have little differences in sound, length and effect, and thus you build up small changes and effects in the track. Is that correct?

For example, in your first track you also put the slide-ups and slide-downs in separate instruments, right?
Thats very interesting!
Because in my tracks I rather use the slide-down / slide-up effects in the effect column.
I would like to know if there are pros / cons for each technique.

Anyway, great work again!

Por Totta

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22-06-2021, 17:51

Yes, 82 instruments are waay to many. Almost embarrasing.

I would say that I could have made this song with about 50 instruments in the list.
15 of them would be the bass
10 of them bass with kick drum
15 effects
10 leads

You see, the bass is of Type 3 with a HW sawtooth but I could not make it sound as I wanted when I used Period 0 (Auto) so I made one instrument called Bass C with a fixed period of 35. Then I created Bass D with another period for the note D etc. All in all I think I use 15 different bass notes resulting in 15 different instruments. So instead of changing a bass note in Arkos I actually change Instrument.

And since I needed a kick drum played at the same time as the bass note I had to create about 10 similar bass instruments but with a kick on top.

Then we have the instrument placed in the middle channel. The one playing a slow arpeggio. Sometimes that had to be combined with a closed hihat. Sometimes with an open. Sometimes with a snare and on one occation that channel plays a tone, snare, hihat and kick at the same time! (Sounds like shit if I play it single but it works inside the mix)

The up-swish and long cymbal crash are two different instruments too. I haven't figured out how to change the noise frequency with an effect command yet. Actually it's three instruments if you also count the one place where I needed a crash at the same time as the main melody was played.

Then we have the effects. Sure, I could probably have created several of them using pattern effects but I chose to add them to the instruments instead. One advantage of this is that when I change an effect in the instrument editor, it changes everywhere in the song at the same time instead of me having to locate all places where the pattern effect needs to be changed.

I guess it's a matter of choice. Can't say one way is always better than the other.

But if I had cared about memory usage I would probably have created the song a different way, using lots more pattern effects rather than creating a copy of an existing sound with juuuuust a little different attack, decay, echo or vibrato. I often intentionally build my songs with more and more complex instruments the longer the song plays so even though the lead at the beginning might SOUND the same as in the end, subtle things have changed on the way.

So, that's my thoughts. Remember though I'm still a newbie. This is only my second song for the AY and I have never worked with Arkos Tracker before this so for me it's still an exploration to find out HOW to use Arkos the best way (for me)

Por Totta

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22-06-2021, 22:56

So, ok. I have listened to some of your suggestions and I have now created a v2 of the song... or rather v1.1. Most of it is exactly the same but I have tweaked some notes, some volumes... and rebuilt the last 20 seconds completely.

The new link is here:

And just for fun I have also uploaded a special video showing the last 20 seconds of the song... but ONLY playing channel 3. Just to show you how much is going on in that channel and what a puzzle it was to make it all fit



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23-06-2021, 11:25


Por defdanny

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24-06-2021, 23:42

Hey Totta,
thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts and considerations when creating your song.
This is a really helpful insight, and the way you built up certain effects is absolutely amazing!
Your considerations to put effects in instruments rather than in the patterns itself makes sense.

I really had some new inspirations by just reading your comments, thank you.

and.... if you are newbie, I am a newbie, too (with Arkos 2). Wink

Por aoineko

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25-06-2021, 17:01

Very nice music.
I can imagine it with a platform game with a exotic theme. A bit like Wonder Boy.

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