Too much voltage and drive failure

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29-09-2021, 21:11

Hi all,

I recently bought a Nissyo DN-203 step down converter from Sdsnatcher and found out that I had been using a step down converter for a while that made my GT make a humming noise.. that was gone with the new converter..
I did some measuring and the new one gives 103v and the old one 117v.. so a good choose to buy one!
But today I started wondering if the high voltage may have side effects, the GT was working fine but the disk drive wasn't..
When I bought my GT the drive wasn't working and after opening the obvious problem was that the belt was melted, so I replaced it with a new belt.. that didn't work..
I had 2 other drives of which I knew 1 was working before.. but I never got any of them working as well..
I finally settled on a new drive with a flatcable converter from eBay. That did fix it..
Now my question is, could the high voltage maybe caused the original drives to fail? Maybe spun to fast?
I'm happy with the drive that's in my GT now.. but still curious

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Por meits

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29-09-2021, 23:45

The voltages going into your mainboard will not differ. The regulators will handle that. This is based on my test just now on a Sony HB-F1XV with a 110V stepdown converter outputting 115V. The deviation on the cartridge slot was 0V.

The board does not suffer, but the PSU is not designed to get that amount of juice. What happens if the internal PSU dies? Could be a lot.

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30-09-2021, 00:53


There are not only regulators in the circuit. Your test doesn't prove much. Your electricity network may be adequate and your MSX is cashing well. Also maybe you don't use this MSX too often, etc.

All electrical devices are designed to withstand a different power supply of -/+10%. Beyond that, there may be strange behavior, or even premature wear.

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30-09-2021, 02:23

Yeah it is difficult to say, probably the higher voltage did not affect the drives in the manner you describe (more likely there were other issues, which may have been solvable BTW). That is not saying it is impossible but I don’t think it is likely. The main problem will be indeed the effect on the PSU over longer periods and that could lead to degradation in the PSU and maybe also the regulators (who knows what they were designed for).