Eggerland ultimate collection preview

Por Randam

Paragon (1431)

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10-10-2021, 00:27

At MSX Translations we branched out a bit and decided to make an updated version of Eggerland. A level editor, new levels and much more. If you are interested in a preview you can see one in this video.

Or be sure to check it out at the Nijmegen fair...

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Por Arjan

Paladin (787)

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10-10-2021, 09:42

Very cool Big smile

Por Metalion

Paragon (1628)

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10-10-2021, 10:15

I cannot play that game more than 10 minutes ...
The fast and repetitive music drives me crazy!

Por Jipe

Paragon (1625)

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10-10-2021, 11:27

@Metalion : you have a "volume" on monitor and TV for disable the sound Wink

Por JMeric

Resident (51)

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10-10-2021, 11:51

Great version Smile
Hi Metalion & Jipe and of course MSX Fans Wink

Por tfh

Prophet (3426)

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10-10-2021, 15:43

Looking forward to it Smile

Por Randam

Paragon (1431)

imagem de Randam

10-10-2021, 19:39

@metalion; there might be a solution for that a bit more down the line.