openmsx debugger symbol files and slots / segments

Por h0ffman

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31-10-2021, 19:52

anybody know if its possible to pass in a symbol file to the openMsx debugger which also declares the slot and segment?

I'm doing a dissassmbly of a SCC MegaRom using IDA PRO and currently I convert the .map into a .sym which results in something like the below..

AttractModePlay: equ 0x47A1
GameMenuLogic: equ 0x47C1

I can't seem to work out or find any info on how to declare the slot and segment in the file? Any one have an example file?

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Por Manuel

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31-10-2021, 21:18

The openMSX debugger's symbol manager only works with addresses, as far as I can tell.

Por salutte

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15-02-2022, 09:19

I would also be interested in a solution for this.

As far as I could find, there is some support for segments in the debugger (e.g., object Symbol has the field symSegments), but I don't see if this "symSegments" field is ever set.

Por Manuel

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15-02-2022, 22:26

Looks like the author (probably Edwin) was planning to add it, but it never ended up in the parser.
One could make a custom/extended parser and load the information, but I'm not sure it will already be correctly used then....