Atari ST music files

Por thegeps

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24-11-2021, 13:18

Does someone know a way to play Atari ST music files (like YM) on our beloved MSX. Or (even better) if there is a tool to convert them into some usable ones?

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Por Moniz

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24-11-2021, 14:16

VGMplay is able to play YM2149 VGM's over the normal internal PSG. Although there are only 11 packs available on There may be more but I didn't search for it Smile

Por thegeps

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25-11-2021, 01:34

Thanks I'll take a look, then

Por ro

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25-11-2021, 12:01

the Atari has CRAZY tunes and ditto composers, love it. There's plenty of tracks out there, sure.

Por erpirao

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25-11-2021, 14:44

could the turboR play music from atariST?