"Clicking" from MSX2+ on software load (Snatcher HD image)

Por heavyviper

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25-12-2021, 07:00

Hi all, trying to troubleshoot an issue with my Wavy35 (PHC-35J). I've got an HD install of Snatcher ready to go on my MFRSCC+512k. I can run the .COM file and get to the initial options menu, however when I try to run it something interesting happens. After hitting the 0 key, I hear a click from the MSX, then the screen goes green for about a second, then I hear another click and the computer reboots.

I've tried different settings (SCC+/SCC/PSG sound, slots etc.), launching from MM and DOS, but I just seem to get the same result. To be honest I'm most interested in what's making the clicking noise inside the MSX, as I've never heard it before! Question It would be nice to get some Snatcher going on this beast, though.

Here's a (admittedly pretty bad) video where you can hear the "clicks" on load: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2L6GuUyB3M

Any idea what could be going on here?

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Por sdsnatcher73

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25-12-2021, 08:05

The translation has issues and won’t run on every MSX with just an MFR SCC+ SD (or any other multifunction cartridge). For instance on my FS-A1ST it runs fine (because it has 256kB internal RAM and that is active always). On a Sony HB-F1XV it runs but there is no sound from SCC, this is probably because the machine has only 64kB RAM and needs the RAM from the MFR and the code cannot handle RAM and SCC in subslots of the same primary slot. On a Panasonic FS-A1FM I also get the clicks (one or two depending on whether I add a separate RAM cartridge or separate SCC+ cartridge) but I could not get it to run at all. It either hangs or resets.

The click btw is the tape motor control relay Wink so you know the code is messed up…

Por heavyviper

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25-12-2021, 09:37

The tape motor relay - wild! oO I thought it might have been something vestigial related to the FDD, which would have been weird since this model doesn't have any FDDs, but that makes far more sense. the PHC-35J only has 64k of RAM as well, so maybe it's the same issue as with the Sony...

Ah well, it's not a huge deal. I have SD Snatcher working, and I'd say that's the star attraction, even as much as I love Snatcher's SCC soundtrack.