How to double the amount of floppy drives? DualSlim comes to help!

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Por Wierzbowsky

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25-10-2022, 15:21

@itozzz, please check your mail and spam folder.

Por sdsnatcher73

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26-10-2022, 02:53

Wierzbowsky wrote:
sdsnatcher73 wrote:

@Alexey: any insight what this mod actually does? The pin 8 it connects to is motor on, but what are we connecting to?

As far as I understand, this pin is needed for PC floppy to work in A1F. Looks like the original FDD from A1F only needs DS signal to start spinning, Gotek can be also used without this MotorOn signal. But for a converted PC drive this signal is essential. For some reason it was not routed to the cable.

My Gotek or FDD inside the A1F are set to DS0 and work just fine. They work via the A1F adapter.

I think the only way to make both Gotek and FDD work on A1F is to find and connect the DS1 signal from the motherboard to the DualSlim board (pin 12 on CN3).

Okay so it is the ME0 signal. We already identified both DS1 and ME1 on the floppy controller so by adding those to the B: output we should be closer to a working setup.

Por itozzz

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28-10-2022, 11:16

Hello guys, sorry for the delay but I'm on vacation, after reading you I don't know whether to give up or leave the dual slim attempt for the a1f stopped for now, I'll be back in mid-November to see what retro energy I come back with hehe.
Thanks for your help, I'm learning a lot. Greeting.

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