Music bug in Rastan Saga (MSX2)

Por MP83

Master (229)

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24-08-2022, 01:15

Once again I'm here to talk about a game bug in a MSX game. Smile I wonder if the community can get this one fixed. It's pretty minor, but still annoying.

In Rastan Saga, if you enter a boss room without clearing certain enemies from the previous screen, the boss music won't play. Instead, you hear the round completion jingle once and then the remaining of the boss fight happens in silence. This happens in Rounds 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7.

The enemies causing this behavior are marked here:

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Por AxelStone

Prophet (3189)

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24-08-2022, 12:57

You are right, good point. It's curious I always thought it was something random, sometimes you had boss music and other times no, perhaps to give more variety?

But it seems that as you say is a bug.

Por MP83

Master (229)

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26-08-2022, 10:39

Yeah, it's predictable. Interesting that it's only that one specific enemy that causes it, if you let them stay alive as you enter the boss room.

This is just a guess, but the bug probably has to do with enemies despawning as you enter the boss room. Perhaps the enemy has some code that partly detects it as a boss? As it's being despawned, the game plays the victory jingle.

Btw, the game has another bug, I mean feature, related to turning with a weapon out:


Enlighted (6914)

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26-08-2022, 14:55

This last bug is an incredible exploit
You kill bosses immediately


Enlighted (6914)

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26-08-2022, 15:50

Rastan saga is a game that deserves a remake with better implementation of scrolling and sprites

Por ray2day

Paladin (720)

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26-08-2022, 19:29

Not to mention the annoying delay in the music everytime you switch to a new (game)screen... Shocked!

Por guantxip

Paragon (1605)

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26-08-2022, 20:23

@ARTRAG, if you are interested I've got all the graphics for a scroll version with sprites more coloured.

Por Pac

Scribe (6920)

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26-08-2022, 20:47

Great. The YM2413 soundtrack from SMS version is available here in VGM format. ToughkidCST was able to implement those files in his recent patches from arcade versions.