Cancelling or stopping the feature 'input text' ... and some more

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02-01-2023, 11:44

Hi Accumulator,

I've extended the type command (both type_via_keyboard and type_via_keybuf) with a -cancel option. So now you can cancel a (long) in-progress type command with 'type -cancel'.

However I do agree with the other replies in this thread that the type command may not be the best solution to your problem.

Some additions to the "controlling openMSX via an external API" topic:
There are 3 ways to control openMSX:

  • Via the built-in console (default F10). This is for interactive use.
  • Via the -script or -code command line options when starting openMSX. This is for one-time commands when openMSX starts.
  • Via an external application that talks to openMSX. This is for advanced users. Catapult and the debugger are two examples of such applications.

All 3 offer the same functionality: you can send arbitrary openMSX commands (actually a Tcl shell extended with openMSX specific commands).

To read/write MSX memory you can use commands like peek and poke. Or alternatively use the 'debug read/write "slotted memory" ...' command if you need more control over the specific (sub)slots.

You can find more information in the manual, or interactively via commands like 'help poke', 'help debug', 'help debug read', ...

OpenMSX has no built-in support for an assembler. Though via the above mechanisms you could implement this yourself and decompose an "assemble" command into a sequence of poke commands.

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