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Por Akiguchi

Hero (623)

imagem de Akiguchi

21-01-2015, 22:01

After so long time I guess this project has been silently abandoned? What a shame, it's so nice game and all. Wink

Por fernando.collazo.5682

Champion (257)

imagem de fernando.collazo.5682

22-01-2015, 01:18

I hope they continue the project, because it seems nearly finished.

Por Sama

Ambassador (2070)

imagem de Sama

24-01-2015, 15:33

I would like to continue the project, but unfortunately I can't get a hold of Max anymore for quite some time...

(Max? If you read this? Wink )

Por meits

Scribe (6571)

imagem de meits

24-01-2015, 16:18

Now that you mention it... Last time I heard of him concerning a translation with music update is quite a while ago as well...

Por max_iwamoto

Paladin (673)

imagem de max_iwamoto

24-01-2015, 16:59


I am here! And of course I want to continue on Randar III! And other projects!

It just have been very busy year.

I will contact everybody via e-mail shortly.


Champion (271)

imagem de DJANGO

13-02-2020, 08:12

After so many years of waiting ...
Is anyone interested in the full translation of the first part of the game?
Find the 5 jewels of King Atlas

Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (10135)

imagem de wolf_

13-02-2020, 10:04

I would only be interested in a translation of the whole game, or else you'd quit playing after the first part. Wink

Por Gustav XIII

Supporter (9)

imagem de Gustav XIII

31-10-2020, 16:30


Yes, I would be very interested in the full translation of the first part of the game!

Por Feiraco

Master (140)

imagem de Feiraco

11-04-2022, 16:10

What does it mean that "Part1" is currently translated? I did play Randar III in the early 1990s but I don't recall exactly if the story was divided?

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