Konami memo (SD and Majutsushi editions)

by snout on 27-06-2007, 19:34
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MSX Café have released two new MSX games, both based on the MSXdev entry Crazy MSX Frenchies. Previously the spin off Tiles of Shalom was already released, now two more Konami flavored remakes of the game were added to the lineup: Konami memo SD version (with tiles from SD-Snatcher) and Konami memo Majutshshi version (with tiles from Hai no Majutsushi/Mah-Jong 2). You can download both games right here.

Relevant link: Konami memo (SD and Majutsushi editions) on MSXCafé

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By penguincafe

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05-07-2007, 15:11

Konami Memo = Screen 5 with mouse only !

Two good games by Mister Jipe ! Big smile