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09-11-2004, 10:04


I need help ,i have many programs in cassete device ,how i can load they directly to my PC using sound card ,any one can help?Hey

I need help ,i have many programs in cassete device ,how i can load they directly to my PC using sound card ,any one can help?

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By anonymous

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09-11-2004, 23:38

Record them as a WAV file, then load the WAV file in MSX emulators such as openMSX or MESS, which have WAV support.

By ha

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10-11-2004, 09:36


GuyveR800, thank you to replay ,i have old msx machine (AX 170,yamaha) and i record this programes by this machine ,how i can record them as WAV file ? in fact i can not able to load them to my PC or i don't now how ,and record them after that as WAV file .


By enribar

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10-11-2004, 12:25

Hi to all,

only 2 questions:
- could you suggest me some freeware utilities to record in wave format directly from the input of the PC sound card?
- Bit? Khz? other parameter?

Thank you in advance.

P.S.: I've not started a flame with MSX and $$$, it's only for discussing a bit about this problem, because I've heard some people saing that making MSX software is only for fun and not to make money.

By snout

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10-11-2004, 12:29

I believe every version of Windows, from 3.x to XPSP2 contains the 'sound recorder', which allows you te record wave files (.WAV) from the line input of the soundcard. Futhermore, most soundcards come with software that do the same as well. As I totally skipped the MSX Cassette era and am not particularly interested in catching up on that, I couldn't tell how many bit or kHz the sample should be. 16bit/44kHz sounds like overkill to me, but should certainly get the job done Wink

About MSX and $$$. It's indeed not a flame, yet a discussion. And an interesting, so thanks for bringing the topic up Wink Lets continue the discussion on MSX and $$ in this thread, shall we? :)

By enribar

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10-11-2004, 15:21

Thank you very much snout! The problem with Win98 is that the default Sound Recorder is really primitive... It could be interesting if a user, 'skilled' in recording waves from MSX tapes, writes an article about a standard procedure to this: "to save and load a MSX cassette game in wave format on openMSX you have to do this, and this, and this, etc."... If I'm not wrong, I've seen this discussion in another MRC forum thread. Let me search... Smile

By ha

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22-11-2004, 10:39


thank you all , i record my programes to my PC in wave format ,another quastion

please ,wich msx emulator should i use that can load files in WAV format? in fact

i use BlueMSX emulator ,and it could not able to open files in WAV format.


By Bart

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22-11-2004, 13:33

You could also try openMSX which can load WAV dumps too... But afaik BlueMSX can do that also.

By mars2000you

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22-11-2004, 18:00

blueMSX doesn't have support for tape games in WAV format, only the CAS format is supported. Implementation of this feature is not in our priorities, but it will come in the future, because some tape games can't be converted into the CAS format.

I think that there's confusion with another feature of blueMSX that allows to capture almost all MSX audio (PSG, SCC, PCM, MSX-AUDIO, MSX-MUSIC , MoonSound) under the form of a WAV file. Only MIDI is not yet supported (maybe in next version)

By 4fridges

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15-03-2005, 13:44

thats peanuts! just install Wavelab (steinberg), Adobe Audition or any other wave editing program... that'll do the trick, record the data from cassette with above mentioned programs. if the program fucks up loading the cas file, just use the noise reduction filter from wavelab or audition.....

By HansO

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15-03-2005, 15:27

The CAS file format is a binary format, not a audio file.

So the first step is to record the cassette audio to a ditized audio file (good enough is 8 bits 11KHz mono, WAV extension) and then convert this bulky audio to the compact binary CAS file format with a WAV2CAS utility like made by Vincent van Dam at