Johnny Hassink is back (revisited)

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29-02-2008, 04:24

(Sorry for the late reply!)

Ah, so you're doing music professionaly now? Elaborate!

I somehow grew more into coding (they actually call me *senior* software engineer @ Engine Software and even mumble words like 'he's the guru' when a new apprentice is introduced).

Music is still part of me, but I'm not so much into releasing stuff anymore.

So your new friend moved to 2e Schuytstraat? I kinda miss The Hague -- especially the Omniversum. Will attend The Hague again some time soon; my wife is a The Hague fan as well. Remember we ate shoarma and you were doing 2 channel SCC songs with your mouth while waiting for our order, hehe Wink

Anyway, good to know you're still around.

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