Possible MSX Kickstart Project ?

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By MSX King

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Аватар пользователя MSX King

26-02-2016, 11:02

For what it's worth, IMHO the commercial route is unrealistic ... to try and compete with WII consoles etc and sell 100 of thousands of units is make-believe .. it just isn't going to happen ! The only realistic commercial angle is possibly putting an MSX computer onto a single Chip (System on a CHIP SOC) and flogging it as a advanced micro-controller with on board RAM,RTC,Timers etc etc to compete with the current micro-controllers from MicroChip and Atmel ..but how realistic this is ?? The advantage of this (over the current microcontrollers) is it would be more advanced and have an existing software base. Only a large commercial company has the MONEY to make this happen and they'd probably conclude there's no profit in it !

The other angle is purely make them as a small business./hobby project where they can be sold in kit for or even small batches pre-assembled or just sell the bare PCB for enthusiasts to build it for themselves.

Whichever route you go it's all still Fantasy until some one builds a working prototype !

By ivke2006

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Аватар пользователя ivke2006

26-02-2016, 12:19

Indeed, trying to compete with Wii/Xbox etc..is unrealistic. so we need to find a nice market (but not MSX scene only!) where a 3GHz CPU, fast 3d graphics, etc is not needed.

BTW, a kickstarter project could also focus on other things then only hardware. For example, OS, software, software distribution platform like an App Store where you can buy & download the latest games, etc..so basically create a (small) eco system.

Look at popular SDKs like giderosmobile or corona SDK (no, I don't have shares ). it's LUA based and is used by 300.000 developers and most of them are amateur/hobby developers incl. myself Smile . maybe a kickstart goal could be to get support from this or similar SDK (Maybe SWIFT?). or at least a generic LUA implementation so software ports are easier to make. This way we get more software to our new MSX and older MSX standards can also benefit if this SDK can compile to MSX2 for example.
It could be part of a education/hobby programming kit(small FPGA board MSX compatible, SDK + means te distribute/sell your creations)

Don't underestimate the power of easy porting of software. Without IOS, most Android software would not be available because monetization of Android is much harder (sometimes factor 10 or more!!) then on IOS. have a look at forums from corona, gideros mobil for comparison.

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