Homebrew Z80 Kits

By lezanderson

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05-03-2015, 11:15

Some of you may of noticed that I was selling Z80 kits on ebay for those interested in tinkering with electronics and microcomputer design.

I've talked Funkward-tech into selling these kits, and bespoke customs kits on ebay.com.

You can either buy from their website or buy direct and get wholesale prices just contact them if your interested..

Some important things when buying from China..

If buying direct, tell them your TARGET price ... the price you want to pay
Check ICs as soon as they arrive.. They will send replacements if any are DUFF.
Tell them to use static Sensitive precautions as they may not.
don't let them 'Overcharge you' !


Below is a rough guide to the prcies I paid for some ICs, this may be useful when costing a project ?

Approximate wholeslae price for some common ICs

Wholesale prices:


Z84C0010PECs/Z84C0008PECs etc $2.0 each DIP40
Z84C0020VEC $2.0 each PLCC44
HD64180 $3.50 each DIP64 / PLCC
Z8S18033 PLCC68 $3.50 each

Static RAMs (DIP)

HY6264 8Kx8bit 70ns/100ns $1.0 each
HY62256 32Kx8bit 70ns/100ns $1.0each
HM628128/TC551001/KM68000 128Kx8bit 55ns/70ns/100ns $1.0 each
KM684000/HM628512/K6T4008 512Kx8bit Static RAM 70/55ns $3.50 each

Static RAM (SDIP)

UM61256 15ns DIP <$1.50 each
UM61512 15ns DIP <1.50 each

NVSRAM (DIP) : DS1250/DS1245 etc
32Kx8bit / 128Kx8bit /512Kx8bit $2.0 each


27C32 DIP <1.0 each 120/100ns
27C64 DIP <1.0 each 70/120/100ns
27C128 DIP <1.0 each 70/120/100ns
27C256 DIP <1.0 each 70/120/100ns

W27C512 64Kx8bit 45ns DIP/PLCC $1.0 each
W27C010 128Kx8bit 70ns DIP/PLCC $1.0 each
W27C020 256kx8bit 70ns DIP/PLCC $1.0 each
29F040 512kx8bit DIP/PLCC $3.50 each PLCC $1.0 each

Video Processors

V9958 DIP64 <$5.0 each
D72020/D7220 DIP40 $2.0 each
V6366 PLCC68 $3.50 each
EF936x GDP DIP40 <$15.0 each
R6545 DIP40 $2.0 each
V9990 Surface Mount <$20.0 each

TMS4465/D41464 100ns DRAMs $0.75 each

Sound Chips

SN76489 DIP16 $0.50 each
SAA1099 DIP18 <$1.50 each
AY-3-8910 DIP40 <$2.0 each
YM2149 DIP $2.50 each
YM3812 DIP $1.50 each

8255 PIO DIP40PLCC44 $2.0 each : PLCC44 ones $1.0 each


AT89C205 DIP $0.75 each
ATMega88 DIP $1.50 each


GAL22V10/GAL16V8 etc $1.0 each
EPM7128SLC84 $2.0 each
EPM7160SLC84 $10.0 each
EPM7064SLC4 ask ?

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By Dirty Harry

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Аватар пользователя Dirty Harry

09-03-2015, 16:49

I've bought stuff direct from them, pretty good, items arrived OK, though stuff from China can take a while to arrive ! Will replace any damaged or not working items.

By jltursan

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09-03-2015, 22:47

No OPL4 ICs (YMF278B)?

By fernando.collazo.5682

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Аватар пользователя fernando.collazo.5682

11-03-2015, 02:01

U$ 20,00 for V9990 ? So expensive!!! Evil

By lezanderson

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Аватар пользователя lezanderson

12-03-2015, 11:30

The V9990 ICs are quite expensive... I suppose because they are more difficult to source.
The OPL4 YMF278b are obtainable but i don't know the price off hand.

Practically all the ICs needed too build an MSX 1 & 2 are still available either as NOS (New Old Stock) or as working pulls. Never seen any R8000 CPUs.. Don’t think you'll get these if you wanted to build a Turbo R !

By syn

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Аватар пользователя syn

12-03-2015, 12:06

R8000 is only needed if you wanted to build a turbo r10 Smile

By flyguille

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Аватар пользователя flyguille

12-03-2015, 16:21

fernando.collazo.5682 wrote:

U$ 20,00 for V9990 ? So expensive!!! Evil

if you fear to pay 20 US$ for a v9990, you aren't part of that niche market!. That price for the chip is just fine.!