How many MSXes do you have and why?

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By Wolverine_nl

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Аватар пользователя Wolverine_nl

08-09-2016, 13:45

I just have one. My first MSX ever and still going good.
A Sony HB-F700D, in original state.
My parents used to own a Canon V20 and a Goldstar FC200, the Canon V20 got damaged during moving when i was a kid and the Goldstar i sold a few years back. So since 1984/85 I was used to MSX. Great times.
The HB-F200D i still use for my projects.

By Hans41

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Аватар пользователя Hans41

10-09-2016, 01:30

I have a few, but there are people here with truck loads of MSX machines, cause they collect everything MSX.

1x Canon V-20
1x Sony HB-75P
1x Sony HB-F9P
1x Philips VG-8020
2x Philips VG-8235
2x Philips NMS-8250

Still looking for a Sony hb-f700p and a Philips nms-8245. Cool

Why ? No reason, really. Bought some really cheap, at flea markets and second hand stores. The VG-8020 is pure nostalgia, was my first computer 30+ years ago. Not the same one, though. That one got replaced by a 16 bit machine with different OS. After that, it was all pc and/or game consoles. Bought a (100% working) vg-8235 in 2003 for euro 25,00. That somewhat started the MSX bug again. Still fierce competition from pc and ps1/2 in those days and later from the ps3. Can't remember the last time I used my ps3, honestly. Last two years mainly gaming on MSX or ww2 shooters on pc.
The Sony F9P I play on and use the 8250's for everything else but gaming.

By OeiOeiVogeltje

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11-09-2016, 01:58

a LOT (20 plus)
just because i can

By msxtrd

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11-09-2016, 13:21

Updated list:

Spectravideo SVI-738 (MSX1) mint
Spectravideo SVI-738 (MSX2 upgraded 128 or 256K RAM?), stored somewhere in pieces - need to finish brightening the keys and enclosure
Spectravideo SVI-738 (MSX2+ heavily upgraded, RGB, FM-PAC, 1MB ram...), though it did not work well years ago, had some spontaneous freeze issues. Did not fix it yet.
Panasonic turbo R FS-A1ST (will upgrade later to 512K)
Panasonic WX MSX2+ (will upgrade later to 256K)
Panasonic A1F MSX2 (will upgrade later to 128K)
Sanyo Wavy 70FD MSX2+ (upgraded to 128K)
Sony HB-F700D MSX2 256K
Sony HB-F700D MSX2 (dead for years)
Philips NMS-8280 MSX2 128K
Sony HB-F1XD MSX2 64K
Sony HB-F900 (The black one) MSX2 256K
Neo Zemmix (Brazil) MSX2+

MSX computers always bring joy Smile). More MSX, more fun Smile. Although space can become a problem Sad.

By Paulo Scheidegger

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Аватар пользователя Paulo Scheidegger

06-02-2017, 20:33

Hi. Do you still have all those MSXes? By any chances do you have a 9128 VDP hanging arround?

By dmr

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19-02-2020, 22:36

I know this is an old thread... but still, here's my collection to date:

Canon V20
D4 Enterprise 1chipMSX
Goldstar FC-200
Mitshubishi MLF-80
Panasonic CF2700
Panasonic FS-A1F
Philips VG8000
Philips VG8010
Philips VG8010 /19
Philips VG8020 /00
Philips VG8020 /19
Philips VG8020 /20
Philips VG8020 /40
Philips VG8230
Philips VG8235 /00
Philips VG8235 /00 7MHz, DSDD FDD
Philips NMS801 "MSX Compatible"
Philips NMS8220 6MHz
Philips NMS8245
Philips NMS8250
Philips NMS8255
Philips NMS8255 7Mhz, 512Kb RAM
Philips NMS8280
Sanyo MPC-100
Sony HB-55P
Sony HB-75P
Sony HB-101P
Sony HB-201P black
Sony HB-201P white
Sony HB-501P
Sony HB-F9P
Sony HB-F500P
Sony HB-F700D
Sony HB-F700P no keyboard
Spectravideo SV328 "MSX"
Spectravideo SV728
Spectravideo X'Press
Toshiba HX10
Yashica YC64
Yamaha CX5M

By rderooy

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19-02-2020, 22:50

That's one impressive list.

By Moniz

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19-02-2020, 23:35

I currently only have 2

Panasonic FS-a1-GT, why? because i just like the looks.. I think its the second best looking MSX there is..
NMS 8220 - I just have a soft spot for this poor thing.. it looks like it had a hard life.. its scratched, paint si worn off, cartridge-lid is missing and litterly being kept together by tape.. all the screws are missing.. the keyboard has been replaced and taken from an broken 8020.. but it works like a charm and still hook it up sometimes to play some cartridge games in my livingroom.

Still on my wishlist is a Panasonic FS-a1-FX, I just love the look, the nice red bar on top! who knows?

By friguron

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Аватар пользователя friguron

20-02-2020, 01:29

1.- Toshiba HX-20E, my first MSX in may 1986... Just a random buy on a JEWELLERY (!!) They were selling out stuff and it costed 20000 Pts, around 140 € of then... Cheap for that year I would say... specially when they also gave Hyper Sports 3 away with the purchase... But poor me, how little I knew it was a trap. It was the most infuriating and saddening experience as a MSX user I can remember. Nothing worked on it except ROM's and 10% of comercial games as its memory layout is a nightmare to properly use it. Besides, SCC was virtually unheardable (10% SCC vs 100% PSG), its VDP was a T6950 so it meant horridly saturated colors 9 and 12... So, how couldn'y I hate it from the bottom of my heart? But I had nothing else so I struggled...

2.- Then, somewhere around 1994 (?) I got a Philips NMS-8250 (my main MSX as of now) from a friend in high school. He just didn't use it, and it was getting dust and told me to take care of it "somewhat temporally"... But he forgot about it.
I didn't really do much with it then (for decades, I would say), as its disk drive broke relatively fast, and then some time after I physically destroyed its magnetic heads. Then my father let a TV accidentally fall (!!!!?) onto it also and RF support was literally chopped off. Luckily its RGB is just crystal clear magic and that's what I'm using right now. I performed some V9958 replacement in 2019, some broken RAM IC replacing, and then a final epoxy fix for the frontal. Nowadays, I'm using it more than ever for my silly challenging programming needs.

OTOH, thanks to GR8NET I somewhat don't need disk support, so I'm unsure about getting some new generation disk drive for it. My Toshiba HX-20E experience also got better thanks to GR8NET, so everyone is happier now Smile

Thing I learnt: Toshiba's MSX's (and most specifically HX-20's) are a real RARITY across the world according to what people are claiming in this thread...

By Danjovic

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20-02-2020, 02:35

  • Epcom/Sharp Hotbit HB-8000 (3 white, 1 black)
  • Gradiente Expert XP800
  • Casio PV16 (gray)

why? MSX1 is cool enough for me!

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