My last two mods: replace FDD with Gotek and arcade stick "adaptation" as MSX stick

By htdreams

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06-06-2017, 09:28


I usually post only in spanish forums, but i would like to present my last two mods, and also ask for help regarding Gotek reader :-)

I'm collecting all Sony F1 msx2 computers, and wanted to get rid of old FDD units (i don't want to use floppy disks anymore) so i bought a 720ks Gotek which already works connected to the F1XD without any modification.

Next step was on how to modify the computer to replace FDD without breaking it's beatifull design (for me this is the most beautifull MSX machine ever built ;-) )

My initial idea was to dismount the Gotek, stripping the usb port, buttons, display and activity led, and mount all of them in the FDD bay, finding a way to anchor all items so with manipulation it won't move.

I had this mod waiting for months because of not finding any good alternative to anchor all items without compromising external aspect... until last week, when i found in a local hardware store a wall corner cover (i don't know how it's called in english) made with plastic, and in several colors available... one of them, the same beautifull red :-) i thought inmediately in my beloved F1XD

So, i took all materials, and started the mod:

The wires are dupont type (i think that's its name), used in arduino proyects, and bought in ebay very cheap... mounting board, the wall corner cover, and the Gotek case, wich i used to extract the display window, and some corners to use as support to anchor all buttons and usb ports, to make sure i won't move them when using the machine.

Here we have the wall corner cover already cut and the F1XD case... it's a good thing that this model has the red part over the black, with a border inside which can be used as a guide to insert the wall corner cover adapted, so i went trying and cutting a little bit, until it was a perfect fit so the "L" form hides the disk hole...

I also did the holes for the buttons and led in the case... for the usb port i'll use the hole for disk extract button :-)

This is just the look i wanted!... very good :-)

As the disk number display from the Gotek will be at the top position, i had to remove the black case to make space for wires... this is something i tried to make very carefully, but i overworked a litte to much with my Dremel and the black plastic melted, so it became very hot and now the top red shows a little bump... what a terrible mistake! (T_T)

Here we can see how i'm using the strong Gotek case with micro-screws to fix a strong base for the buttons, and the usb port

Dismounted the buttons, led and usb from the Gotek, and mounted them using mounting board and dupont wires, bending at 90º the connectors so the wire will use very little vertical space.

Here we can see the buttons already mounted, and below, over to the black case, the display. Using hot glue i fixed all items to their position.

Now we can see the Gotek, which i connected some wires to the points for the usb signals, buttons and led.

...and this is the final result :-D

I think it really fits very well, and gives the HBF1XD a very modern look (^_^)

About the Gotek use, i have no problems launching DSK images, renamed as 0XX.IMG and putting them inside a folder named "IMG720", but the file mode of the Gotek doesn't work, or i'm doing something wrong: i have several folders in the root, named 001, 002, 003 and so on... with files inside that folders, so when i load a folder into the gotek, the MSX should see a new disk with the files from that folder... but the MSX keeps rebooting all the time... any advice?

As a bonus, here is a quick mod i did also this weekend :-)

I have an arcade stick for MSX, a "Telematch 200", which is very nice, but i wanted to use also one of the Hori arcade sticks i have for PS1/PS2, so, using a DB9 wire from a faulty megadrive chinese pad, i added a new wire to the Hori arcade stick, using only ground signal and each signal for each button/direction (i'm not using 5v signal... i don't know if it's really needed). I used a tester to find the correct solder points for each direction, and then assigned buttons X and O to trigger1 and 2. I didn't add any other button because this is a simple mod and i want to be able to use the arcade stick in PS1/PS2 again :-)

Now i can use the arcade stick in my MSX machines or even in my atari/amiga :-D

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By Louthrax

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06-06-2017, 10:27

Hi htdreams,

Nice mode here, that really fits well in the existing casing. Can't help you with the Gotek, but I'm curious: does it support several diskformats? (thinking about protected disk images here...).

Another thing to do with your joystick is to integrate a JoyMega inside, to enjoy all the buttons Smile
EDIT: Beware with integrating the JoyMega mod, it might break the Playstation compatibility! (a little JoyMega adapter could be better then).

By Wierzbowsky

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06-06-2017, 10:55

Wow, very nice mod!! Not all usb sticks will fit into that floppy eject hole, but some will fit perfectly.

By mtn

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06-06-2017, 11:09

Nice work, surely shows the value of planning / preparing a mod instead of (like me) just doing it with whatever is nearby.. Smile (I never get as beautiful result either.)

By meits

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06-06-2017, 11:45

Patience and planning makes beautiful results. You did justice to the machine.

By marcoo

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06-06-2017, 15:47

I got the same problem with the gotek with only the files but i hate the firmware Whats
Inside the gotek hou always startup with the disk you have loaded in the memory of the gotek
I also have an amiga with other firmware (cortex firmware) and that's working how I wanted to work
Reading directly the *.adf file grom the USB stick
So I think it's possible to write new firmware for the gotek for the MSX to read and write to the stick

By Argon

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07-06-2017, 08:10

Very nicely done!

By htdreams

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Аватар пользователя htdreams

07-06-2017, 12:32

Hi! thanks for the comments :-)

@Louthrax: i don't think it can support more formats... but it's all as simple as testing :-) do you have any other file in format other than dsk? i've only have dsk files around (and an utility to make new ones).

The joymega isn't suited for megadrive only?, aside from that, i don't want to risk ruining the PS1/PS2 option :-) i'm just a rookie with a solder... Tongue

@mtm, meits: as they say, patience is the mother of all good things :-D i preffer to hold back any project before ruining it... i have now about 4/5 mods/projects in standby mode until inspiration comes to me ;-)

@marcoo: i know of the firmware for Hxc and gotek, but i don't know if they work on 720ks goteks, or if doing so will remove compatibility with msx bus connector (you can't connect a pc 1,44mg disk drive to HBF1XD directly, as far as i know...) I remember very poorly of using 8bits4ever floppy disk interface cart and a 1,44mg gotek and being able to use the file format image... but i can remember the details... i'll try again :-)

By Louthrax

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07-06-2017, 14:24

htdreams wrote:

Hi! thanks for the comments :-)
@Louthrax: i don't think it can support more formats... but it's all as simple as testing :-) do you have any other file in format other than dsk? i've only have dsk files around (and an utility to make new ones).

There's the DMK format, that was first used by TRS-80 computers, but that also supports MSX disks. You can make DMK images of protected MSX disks using DMK Creator or an openMSX tool. That's the most interesting format I think.

htdreams wrote:

The joymega isn't suited for megadrive only?, aside from that, i don't want to risk ruining the PS1/PS2 option :-) i'm just a rookie with a solder... Tongue

That's doable using a cheap Chinese MegaDrive joypad (that you can get for 5$ on eBay). Just solder the buttons to the PCB. I did that for an X-Arcade joystick:

The PCB is small and could maybe fit in you joystick casing.

A bit more expensive option is to use a TotoTek PSX to Megadrive adapter and a JoyMega on top of it! (that would make your new cable useless).

By htdreams

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Аватар пользователя htdreams

10-06-2017, 13:00

I have TotoTek adapters for saturn and pcengine (it's a pity TotoTek adapter for pcengine doesn't support multitap.. it adds input lag) and i've seen megadrive TotoTek adapters, but for 8/16 bit computers i think it's better to have some kind of simple mod as the one you show :-)

I'm also thinking about adding switchs to allow for up/down to be mapped to stick or buttons, as several games some times used up/down for functions like jump, and they are better in buttons, as it's easy to use left/right and produce some jumps unwanted... this is most noticeable in Amiga, tought, as MSX already has 2 buttons scheme and by the time most of the games were designed with one or two actions :-)

I'll try the DMK format this weekend...