I want a MSX mini

By st1mpy

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06-04-2018, 15:09

Watch this Youtube Vid the real star of the video starts at 1:39!!
Didn't know it was that small, I wonder if it's still available to buy... (the one with working keyboard and a real slot...)

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By Grauw

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06-04-2018, 16:18

That’s the Mini IQ-3000.

It was a 1chipMSX clone in a nice casing made by Korean MSX fans four years ago, the same who made the original Zemmix Neo. It could be ordered for a short while but I fear you missed the window. It was fairly expensive though.

By santiontanon

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06-04-2018, 16:16

What is that tiny MSX?! I had never seen that one!

By JohanMSX

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06-04-2018, 20:45

Check out the Zemmix from 8bits4ever: https://www.8bits4ever.net/product-page/zemmix-fpga-msx

By ValEve13

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22-01-2023, 08:51

What if I told you that there already exists not one but two officially released MSX mini consoles. However, instead of being released in Japan or Europe, they are instead released exclusively in South Korea.

First, you have the Zemmix Mini released by Team Neo in April 2019. It is a mini console version of Daewoo's Zemmix V console, a consolized MSX1 computer released in South Korea in 1988. The Zemmix Mini came with 10 built-in games and each Zemmix Mini console came with a docking station that played real MSX and Zemina cartridges with the docking station's cartridge slot. The Zemmix Mini is also the first mini console (or first mini computer depending on how you look at it) to have USB floppy drive support. This would allow users to insert a compatible USB floppy drive into one of the Zemmix Mini's USB controller ports and play real MSX2 or MSX2+ floppy disks. Also, the Zemmix Mini also contains the Korean MSX2+ BIOS screen where you can access MSX Basic by inserting a USB keyboard into one of the Zemmix Mini's USB controller ports and pressing the 'Z' key. You can return back to the Zemmix Mini menu by pressing 'F12' on the keyboard. The 'F12' key can also be used to return back to the Zemmix Mini menu after playing an MSX/Zemina game with the keyboard. The Zemmix Mini is powered with an included Micro USB power adapter that outputs 5V 2A and uses South Korea's Type C and F plug outlets. Some Zemmix Mini units came with a black Micro USB adapter for the power while other units came with a white Micro USB adapter. Additionally, the Zemmix Mini came in three colors: Red, White, and Black. This is to match the three colors that original Zemmix V console came in. Unfortunately, only 500 units of the Zemmix Mini were ever produced and sold, 450 of which where sold exclusively at Lotte Mart Toys R Us in South Korea while the other 50 were given away at certain retro video game conventions in South Korea.

Then comes the Zemmix Super Mini, also released by Team Neo in January 2022. This time, the Zemmix Super Mini is a mini console version of Daewoo's Zemmix Super V console, a consolized MSX2 computer released in South Korea in 1990. Just like with the Zemmix Mini, the Zemmix Super Mini has 10 built-in games. However this time, all 10 games were created by Team Neo themselves. The Zemmix Super Mini has no docking station for MSX/Zemina cartridges and no USB floppy drive support. Instead, the Zemmix Super Mini has a Micro SD card slot on the back that would allow you to add your own MSX and MSX2 roms and play them on the Zemmix Super Mini. You can even play Famicom, Super Famicom, Mega Drive, PC Engine, and MAME arcade roms with the Micro SD card feature as well. The Zemmix Super Mini came in two colors: White and Black, once again to match the colors that the original Zemmix Super V console came in. Team Neo had only produced 2,000 units this time and was also sold exclusively at Lotte Mart Toys R Us in South Korea. Team Neo also released a limited edition version of the Zemmix Super Mini, which included: A white Zemmix Super Mini, A Black Zemmix Super Mini figure shell, A Zemmix Mini figure shell, A Zemmix Mini plush, and a real MSX cartridge containing the Zemmix Super Mini's 10 built-in games.

Overall, they are the closest we will ever get to having an officially released MSX Mini and MSX2 Mini respectively.

Zemmix Mini Unboxing:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjFTuqKVW8I
Zemmix Mini USB Floppy Drive Support:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmDDQwgTCjk
Zemmix Super Mini Unboxing:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWWEdM2sjVw
Zemmix Super Mini Limited Edition Unboxing:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9FlXkO_R6A

By gdx

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22-01-2023, 10:03

ValEve13 wrote:

Zemmix Super Mini Unboxing:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWWEdM2sjVw

What is the game that we see at the 5th second?

By ValEve13

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23-01-2023, 00:42

The game is called Missing Aladdin Boy. It is one of the 10 original Team Neo games that are included with the Zemmix Super Mini. The game is basically a Flappy Bird clone.