Hi everyone from Poland, Toshiba HX-10

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By Manuel

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Аватар пользователя Manuel

15-03-2019, 07:23

For this purpose you'd need some kind of cart that can store the temporary audio signal at the highest baudrate, have a way to set it to the start and then load it... For the MSX it should look like real tape.

By Kacper

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Аватар пользователя Kacper

15-03-2019, 23:25

Hi Louthrax, today I write a little less. I am trying to upload other files. once I succeed and the second time not. maybe it's the fault that the MSX2 file?
bay the way is there any way to cool the computer?
The power supply is strongly heated Sad
It's a shame about a cool computer
to mount a fan in the middle of a laptop? there is 5v inside?
maybe some HX-10 method

By gdx

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Аватар пользователя gdx

16-03-2019, 08:01

Kacper wrote:

bay the way is there any way to cool the computer?

I managed to reduce heat 2 to 3 degrees without modification of the MSX and for a few dollars. I changed CPU and add a few heatsink for RAM only.

It is probably possible to do better by adding a slot expander with its own power supply.
I wanted to change the heatsink that heats the most but I have not found so much better than the original one. There is not much room.

By MajorTOM

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05-10-2020, 11:55

Great Thread!
Thanks to all!


By Bodhi1969

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05-10-2020, 20:22

Kacper wrote:

thank you. I will fight
I thought working with MSX would be easy
I badly do not know English
google translator lives its own life

Witaj Kacper, polecam deepL do tłumaczeń. Można go znaleźć na stronie www.deepl.com.

To o wiele lepsze niż tłumaczenie w google.

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