SCC emulation on Raspberry Pi RetroArch BlueMSX SD Snatcher

By moldov31337

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Аватар пользователя moldov31337

24-03-2019, 05:46

Hello everyone.

I cannot emulate SCC on the Raspberry Pi 3 B revision running RetroArch BlueMSX (I use Libreelec the last one and Retroarch from Gamestarter repository). I managed to run disks and M3U on the last updated core of BlueMSX and I use Melancholia patch to be able to play SD Snatcher in English. There is one type of Melancholia patch which allows to find any of SCC carts during disk loading and I have it successfully running on my real Yamaha MSX. When I start the game with SD Snatcher or Snatcher cart inserted - game see this and says that SCC-I inserted in slot and allows me to run the game. This is real hardware.

But if I use BluesMSX emulator and choose any type in option "CartMapper Type(Restart)" SCC, SCCPlus, SD Snatcher, etc. - the program says that SCC cart was not found. So I can use "No Sound" or "PSG" which is crappy. I restarted the game - the same.

Was anyone facing anything similar?

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By sdsnatcher73

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Аватар пользователя sdsnatcher73

24-03-2019, 06:52

I have no experience with libretro and blueMSX core but with disk games that require SCC-I you probably have to tell the core to “insert a special cartridge in slot 1”. This is what you would have to do in blueMSX (and you did in real MSX). The RetroArch front end may not have the required menu system to do this (BlueMSX on Windows with full UI has).

What you could try is see if you can run the core from shell with parameters that tell the core to run the disk with that special cart inserted.

By moldov31337

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Аватар пользователя moldov31337

24-03-2019, 07:29

Actually there is an option actually "CartMapper Type(Restart)" and it allows to choose huge amount of MemoryMappers. Also it saves type of mapper in bluemsx cfg once I've chosen it file. And I see it in log not error occured and type of mapper chosen.

But seems that bluemsx doesn't see that option somehow.

In windows version of BlueMSX I can do that explicitly. Just choose SCC and I see it's inserted.

I'm running on RetroPi Libreelec (It's special version kind of home theather) and console is not available by default I guess. I can type commands only from remote terminal without X11 connection.

So I will try to run BlueMSX from CLI.

Thanks anyway.

By moldov31337

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Аватар пользователя moldov31337

13-08-2022, 08:44

I found solution, BTW. After 3 years actuallySmile))

It's written here on bluemsx GitHub

I added string

2 0 2 4 3 "Machines/Shared Roms/SCCPLUS.ROM" ""

before string
2 2 2 2 43 "" ""

into 3 files
- retroarch/system/Machines/MSX2/config.ini
- retroarch/system/Machines/MSX2+/config.ini
- retroarch/system/Machines/MSXTurboR/config.ini

I aslo downoalded file SCC.ROM from paraMSX emulator and SCCPLUS.ROM from ruMSX and put those files into retroarch/system/Machines/Shared Roms

So now it works!!!

By golvellius

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Аватар пользователя golvellius

10-01-2023, 15:19

Hi ..
I have used your settings but it's not working with retroarch and bluemsx .. with my disk translated version of SD-Snatcher .. it show you INSERT CART....

To guarantee SCC+ detection you need to use this ...
2 0 2 4 56 "Machines/Shared Roms/SCCPLUS.ROM" ""

Also Snatcher it's working .. LOL!

Now it's working.!!