NightFox and Co. MSX web page

NightFox and Co. MSX web page

by Pac on 13-04-2020, 17:02
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NightFox and Co. is the César Rincón Nadal's personal website (Spanish language) focussed on retro projects and workshops mainly for MSX and Nintendo DS. Regarding MSX, César has already released some games, The Lost Mines, available through Repro Factory MSX Shop, MSX Pong! and Quest?Ion.

On the other hand the game engine MSX'gine, still in early stage, a library written in z80 assembler for MSX game developments and one of the most interesting projects, MSX Diagnostics, a set of hardware tests for diagnosis purposes of MSX computers. All this software can be downloaded for free.

Finally the workshop section includes some hardware repairs for MSX and other vintage platforms.

Relevant link: NightFox and
Relevant link: César Rincón Nadal on Twitter

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By aranya

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Аватар пользователя aranya

13-04-2020, 17:43

Mmm, I didn't know anything about it, and all in my native language, I will try it now.

Thank you PAC.

By The Apeman

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Аватар пользователя The Apeman

15-04-2020, 13:35

Can someone have a look at's RSS feed? I get all headlines five times, and only the last one has a correct link. In this case the other ones link to, which Firefox won't allow me to go to (SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN)