The Menace from Triton

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By santiontanon

Paragon (1806)

Аватар пользователя santiontanon

14-07-2020, 20:45


Silly me, I was doing some difficulty adjustments in the last minute, and checked that bosses worked (but only checked a bit, and missed to check the second phase of Scylla!). Apologies for the bug! But any other bug, please let me know, happy to update! :)

By tfh

Prophet (3347)

Аватар пользователя tfh

14-07-2020, 21:41

Updated to v1.0.1

Maybe another idea... If you don't do anything and just let the game play, you will just see the 1st demoscreen with the music looping. I would let the demo continue at some point and then return to the main screen and looping that.

By santiontanon

Paragon (1806)

Аватар пользователя santiontanon

14-07-2020, 21:41

ah, true. Good point! added to my to-do list. Thanks for the suggestion! Big smile

By Sylvester

Hero (589)

Аватар пользователя Sylvester

15-07-2020, 08:50

Small bug (tested with 1.0.1), when you got hit and there is an obstacle in the middle of the screen you die again because the ship returns in the middle of the screen:


Enlighted (6935)

Аватар пользователя ARTRAG

15-07-2020, 09:15

I have spotted the same problem
If you end the s.c. bleeding time while colliding the background you could extend it until collision end
Or select among multiple respawning points
It happens also that you respawn on the left side of the scene after that rock columns have already blocked the way

By Pencioner

Scribe (1565)

Аватар пользователя Pencioner

15-07-2020, 12:22

Makes me think that kind of issues was the reason why with Nemesis-like games you have to fly again from the spawn predefined points while in Zanac you continue from the point where you died... hmmm...

By thegeps

Paragon (1189)

Аватар пользователя thegeps

15-07-2020, 12:49

To avoid this kind of problems is enough to make spaceship invulnerable for some time after respawn...

By RibbSayan

Expert (69)

Аватар пользователя RibbSayan

15-07-2020, 13:21

Scylla defeated !

When I arrived on Triton, I crossed the planet and no boss at the end of the stage. After, on the map, i can do again Triton.

I reached 255 credits. One more and I go back to zero. (Don't care, my weapon were at max power)

For destructible walls, when the player's shot crosses between 2 blocks, the ship does not always pass between these two blocks.
ex (X: Destructives blocks, > player's ship or shot )

By santiontanon

Paragon (1806)

Аватар пользователя santiontanon

15-07-2020, 19:00

Ops, apologies for those bugs!!! I think I know the problem with the Triton planet... argh! never do final game tweaks before uploading, haha. I changed the coordinates of that planet at the end, and I bet I forgot to check the code that spawns the Triton boss with the new coordinates... damn! I'll prepare an update later today and reupload! Thanks for reporting and apologies for the bugs!

About respawning, you should have immunity for a couple of seconds, but it's a good point! I'll maintain the immunity longer and maybe keep it until you get out of the part you are colliding with (up to a limit, other wise you couk=ld cheat by going quickly to the lower part of the screen and hide inside the wall until the level is over haha)

By santiontanon

Paragon (1806)

Аватар пользователя santiontanon

15-07-2020, 19:42

And btw, you got 255 credits?!?! that's insane!!! hahaha I never thought anyone would reach that! I'll add a check to make sure it doesn't overflow Smile

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