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By jvidal

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Аватар пользователя jvidal

23-03-2022, 22:32

that should be the word secondary between "<" and ">" symbols, but the forums screws it up.

By Parn

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Аватар пользователя Parn

23-03-2022, 23:04

@jvidal, you can use HTML entities (like &lt; and &gt; ) in the forum. Wink

Regarding the first error you saw, that happens because those extensions conflict with the existing external slots in your selected machine. Regarding the second error, that happens because slot 0 is expanded while the extension expects it to be a primary unexpanded slot. Since those extensions are dock stations, they are bound to produce some errors with the majority of MSX machines.

By Manuel

Ascended (19466)

Аватар пользователя Manuel

23-03-2022, 23:41

jvidal wrote:

I used the test_all_machines and test_all_extensions commands and, to my surprise (all machines/extensions pass the check in catapult), two extensions fail the check:


both say that "slot is already an external slot"

But, If I run a different machine (japanese MSX2+), then the error changes to:
Casio_KB-7 "Missing secondary tag for DeviceKB7 RAM" (sic).

Could it be because there's a machine already running that the check behaves weirdly?

The explanation on why you don't get this error in Catapult, is because of this awful hack:
In English: we skip these configs and mark them as working, because they don't require on system ROMs anyway, which is the most common reason an extension wouldn't work.
This hack isn't in the test_all_extensions script...

By jvidal

Rookie (28)

Аватар пользователя jvidal

24-03-2022, 16:21

Oh, OK, thanks for the explanation, guys!

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