my MSX stream on Twitch

By tooloud

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Аватар пользователя tooloud

18-11-2020, 19:32

Hi, Some of you know that I am trying to expand my experience with MSX2 computers and at the same time I try to share what I already know - on the blog and on the stream.
And speaking about the stream - it's tomorrow (Thursday) at 19CET, this time in the formula 10x demos 10x games plus a talk about hardware.
Unfortunately, the stream is in Polish (at least my spoken part) as it is addressed again mainly to my friends in Poland who are curious about the MSX platform and do not know it yet (as I did not know at all it before), but most of the people visiting the stream speak English so you will have no problem with communication on chat.
Take a look if you have time and feel like it. No big head talking, just stream from real MSX2 machine.

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