Memory expansion for MSX HB-F1XDJ

By applesorce

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Аватар пользователя applesorce

17-12-2020, 05:42


I have successfully expanded the memory of my SONY MSX HB-F1XDJ.
I have published an article on the following website.
(Using hm628512)

In addition to being relatively easy to work with
I think it can be used for other sony MSX2 as well.

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By usuario_msx2

Paladin (763)

Аватар пользователя usuario_msx2

18-12-2020, 00:06

Hello! Good work and thanks for sharing your knowledge! Nice photos!. Working with smd memories manually is difficult! If I may advise you, you can expand the memory of this nice computer to 2048kb with a mod posted by a Russian user, you can also change the computer speed to 7.1mhz and replace the floppy drive with a gotek usb drive among other possible mods. With Manuel Pazos' mfrsd scc + 512kb hardware you will be able to enjoy the 512k, scc and sd flashrom that comes with the cartridge and works perfectly at 7mhz without the need to expand the internal ram memory.